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Adriano Pianesi

Case-in-Point: An In-the-Moment Teaching Tool for Deep Leadership Learning 
November 19, 2015

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Case-in-point is an innovative, experiential framework that uses the dynamics unfolding in the training space as fodder for leadership development and learning. By seeing a room of individuals as a system and surfacing the complex forces at play in that system, participants are able to identify the leadership concepts coming to life in the moment. An approach that seeks to engage participants both intellectually and emotionally, case-in-point shifts the focus from didactic, front-of the room dispensing of knowledge to system-wide engagement. Such an approach tends to disappoint participants' expectations and in turn generate a level of disequilibrium. [Read more]

Ian Sutherland

Memories With Momentum In Leadership Development: The Case Of The Arts
September 17, 2015

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This webinar will present a conceptual reorientation in leadership development — memories with momentum — explored through recent empirical research on the use of the arts in leadership development. As a conceptual re-orientation, "memories with momentum" focuses leadership development towards helping participants form future oriented, impactful learning memories that have the potential for growth and expansion. [Read more]

Nathan Harter and A.J. Grant

Leader as Subject: Michel Foucault's Last Lectures
August 12, 2015

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French scholar Michel Foucault is one of the most cited social scientists, yet only recently have his final three years of lectures been translated into English. Although an untimely illness prevented him from being able to write a book based on his research, Foucault's work during this period is particularly interesting to those with an interest in leadership. Peering at leadership through the lens of pagan philosophers and playwrights from the first and second centuries, he discovered an emphasis on leaders becoming a Subject first — that is, an agent committed to constituting a beautiful life based on governing oneself. Join Nathan Harter in this Leadership Perspectives webinar as he delves into Foucault's Last Lectures and explores their meaning for leadership. [Read more]

Jason Fararooei and Kim Weller

Video Tools, Tactics, Know-How – Optimizing Organizational Storytelling for Leadership, Change & Engagement Efforts
July 14, 2015

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Today's stakeholders expect to be engaged with compelling visual narratives. Digital storytelling with video is growing in popularity as a means to build community and engagement, foster learning and performance improvement, and drive change initiatives. In this webinar, attendees learn best practices associated with creating videos and media to showcase their organization's compelling stories. [Read more]

Syed Azmatullah

The Coach's Mind Manual: Enhancing Leadership with Neuroscience, Psychology, and Mindfulness
June 25, 2015

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Take a tour of your own mind in this leadership perspectives webinar as presenter Syed Azamatullah leads you through the different mental functional systems that, like departments in an organization, work together towards personal goals. Explore deep seated, limbic, and cerebral functions as well as the chairperson, promoting inter-functional awareness and integration. Participants will be introduced to mindfulness and role-modelling (personifying) techniques that will enable them to become more fully aware of how their own mind is working moment to moment so they can adjust contributions from various mind functions to meet emergent needs. [Read more]

Marc and Samantha Hurwitz

Leadership Is Half the Story
May 27, 2015

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Can you imagine a choreographer training only one dancer to lead while his or her partner sits in the lobby staring at the wall? It's unthinkable, yet this happens all the time within organizations. Half the partnership is missing. Join Marc and Samantha to learn the other half of the story — that it takes both, leadership and followership, to get the best results. [Read more]

Maggie Ellis Chotas & Betsy Polk

Power Through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together
April 16, 2015

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When women work together, they discover a level of support, balance, confidence, accountability, and a freedom to be themselves that is rarely found in other work relationships. Join Betsy and Maggie for an exploration of the benefits women realize as, together, they navigate the twists and turns of partnership. [Read more]

Baba Jallow

Leadership in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa: Trends and Implications for Politics and Development
March 24, 2015

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In this leadership perspectives webinar we learn about the emergence of modern leadership cultures in Africa and the rise of powerful female and religious leaders—political and civic—who have filled the void left by the failure of first generation independent African leaders. Jallow will discuss wide ranging perspective and provide a greater understanding of leadership in colonial and postcolonial Africa and the implications for modern governance and politics on the continent. He will also argue that contrary to the argument by some leadership scholars, leadership studies theory is applicable to and has been used for the study of African leadership. [Read more]

Corey Seemiller

Mapping & Matching Leadership Competencies with Individual Student Career Choices
February 17, 2015

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What leadership competencies are needed for a particular career path? It's not one size fits all. Corey Seemiller's Student Leadership Competencies Database (available for free online) maps 60 leadership competencies needed in 522 different accredited academic disciplines against the axis of four time-tested leadership frameworks — Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, the Student Leadership Challenge, the Relational Leadership Model, and the Social Change Model. The database and associated resources are designed to help leadership educators understand and help develop the leadership competencies each individual student needs to succeed in their chosen field. [Read more]

Joseph A. Maciariello

A Year with Peter Drucker
January 21, 2015


Joseph Maciariello, professor of management and Senior Fellow at Claremont Graduate University, has collaborated with Peter Drucker on many publications including The Effective Executive in Action, the revised edition of Management, and The Daily Drucker has written Year with Peter Drucker. This book distills the essence of Drucker's personal mentorship program into an easy-to-follow 52-week course. [Read more]

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