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Ira Chaleff

Transforming Hierarchical Relationships into Productive Partnerships
October 21, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

In the age of social networking, a failure to build cultures of productive candor will almost certainly result in the frustration of employees being aired less productively in the public arena. Courageous Followership is difficult and essential in organizations of almost any size. But there are additional challenges in very large hierarchies or global organizations. [Read more]


Stefan Sveningsson

Varieties of Consumption of Leadership - Followership in Practice
September 9, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

It is often suggested that there is no leadership without followership and that there are no leaders without followers. But literature that specifically elaborates on followers and followership in practice is still scanty. The phenomenon of followership is thus less studied in depth in organizations. This amounts to investigate in some depth how the relation between leader and follower emerges and forms in terms of the understanding of the follower. [Read more]


Simon Western

Eco-leadership and Leadership Formation
August 12, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

Simon Western identifies four discourses that have dominated leadership thinking in the past century: the leader as Controller, Therapist, Messiah, and the emergent discourse of "Eco-leadership" (Leadership A Critical Text Sage, 2008). [Read more]


Kelly Hannum

Evaluating Leadership Development: The Missing Ingredient to Understanding and Achieving Success
July 8, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

What is the value of an evaluation? Who are the "right" people to evaluate a leadership development initiative? When should you conduct an evaluation? How should you conduct an evaluation? In this session Kelly Hannum will explore these questions and others, as well as why the answers that readily come to mind may not be the best choices. [Read more]


Harvey Seifter

Transformational Prague: History, Arts, and Vaclav Havel
June 6, 2009

Description | Please note: Due to technical difficulties, the recording of this webinar is not available.

Harvey Seifter will use the rich tapestry of Prague's history as a springboard into the roots and meaning of this unique contemporary story of transformational leadership, sharing insights from family stories and theatrical experiences with Havel's plays, and connecting the lessons of the Velvet Revolution to collaborative leadership techniques he developed during his years as Executive Director of the conductor-less Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. [Read more]


Don Dunoon

Learning-based Leadership - and how it differs from Management
May 6, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

Can we usefully conceive of leadership as based not only in influence but in learning? How can leadership be meaningfully and usefully differentiated from management – and why does the distinction matter? What tools can productively support learning-based leadership action? Don Dunoon will look into these and related questions, with practical illustrations of how an approach to leadership centered in learning can help us in gaining traction in with contentious problems those that can be seen from different perspectives. [Read more]


Terry Price

Justification in Leadership Ethics
April 1, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

Why do leaders break the moral rules? According to common wisdom, rule-breaking behavior is the result of selfishness. Leaders behave immorally because they think they can get away with it. But an alternative view suggests that leadership affects the way leaders think about themselves and their place in the moral community. [Read more]


Eboo Patel

Acts of Faith: Interfaith Leadership in an Era of Religious Crisis
February 10, 2009

Description | Recording (YouTube)

Religious extremists movements are built by leaders – people who tell a story of their religion requiring its adherence to dominate others and gathering large groups of people in service of this vision. If we are to build a world of equal dignity and mutual loyalty, we will need a new set of leaders – interfaith leaders with the framework, knowledgebase and skill-set to bring diverse people together on common ground. The time to develop those leaders is now. The time to be that leader is now. [Read more]


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