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Mariam MacGregor

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: Leadership Education K-12
December 9, 2008

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Marian MacGregor explores ways to incorporate leadership in the lives of kids and teens. Comprehensive leadership education has typically been reserved for college students and adults while leadership experiences for younger students have traditionally involved student council or volunteer activities, without much else. With today's K-12 emphasis on achieving testing goals and academic data collection, leadership development takes even more of a back seat. Yet there are ways to integrate leadership across school curricula from "kindergarten to graduation" that enrich student success, high academic standards and positive school culture without compromise testing and standards-based education. [Read more]

Jack Zenger

The Inspiring Leader
October 30, 2008

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What is the most important competency for leaders to build? Dr. Jack Zenger outlines sixteen competencies or behaviors that make a difference in how leaders are perceived. These competencies form the basis for his argument that developing great leaders is not about fixing weaknesses, but rather, about building on a few key areas of strength. In this session, Dr. Zenger will address the research in his new book The Inspiring Leader. [Read more]

Dennis Roberts

Deeper Learning in Leadership: How to Achieve Broader and Deeper Impact for Our Students
August 19, 2008

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Achieving Deeper Learning in Leadership is critical if we are to prepare the next generation for leadership in business, government, education, arts, science, technology and other industries. This webinar will explore the kind of learning that is being advocated in higher education for the 21st century, couple it with new research and theoretical propositions for leadership, and will conclude with how leadership educators can be more effective in advocating for broader and deeper leadership learning on their campuses. [Read more]

Steve Denning

The Secret Language of Leadership
March 27, 2008

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How do you persuade people to want to adopt something new, something different, even something a little strange? How do you spark enduring enthusiasm for a cause, even in difficult, cynical skeptical audiences? In this session, Steve Denning, author of The Secret Language of Leadership, will show what's involved using stories to engage staff or clients quickly and compellingly and spark action. [Read more]


Barbara Kellerman

February 27, 2008

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In her new book, Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders, Barbara Kellerman challenges the leader-centrism that dominates our thinking about leadership and management. In this Webinar, she takes exception to the idea that followers are less important than leaders. [Read more]


Jay Conger

Make Your Organization A Talent Factory
September 28, 2007

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Leaders with true staying power know how to manage in the toughest of times. How do they do it? In this session with leadership expert Jay Conger, you’ll learn how to lead when times are deeply challenging. No one ever said that leadership was easy, but in the most difficult of times you paradoxically have the greatest chance to reach your potential as a leader. [Read more]

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