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Case-in-Point: An In-the-Moment Teaching Tool for Deep Leadership Learning
with Adriano Pianesi

When: Thursday, November 19, 2015
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Case-in-point is an innovative, experiential framework that uses the dynamics unfolding in the training space as fodder for leadership development and learning. By seeing a room of individuals as a system and surfacing the complex forces at play in that system, participants are able to identify the leadership concepts coming to life in the moment.  An approach that seeks to engage participants both intellectually and emotionally, case-in-point shifts the focus from didactic, front-of the room dispensing of knowledge to system-wide engagement. Such an approach tends to disappoint participants’ expectations and in turn generate a level of disequilibrium.

The work of the facilitator is to hold participants through that disequilibrium to begin to generate insights about the rules of engagement and about default reactions to ambiguity, chaos, and conflict. An experimental framework, case-in-point asks that the facilitator model the very behaviors core to developing leadership capacity: holding steady in the midst of uncertainty, developing multiple interpretations of what’s going on in the moment, navigating participants’ calls for protection, order, and direction from authority. For those at the front of the room, this work is daunting, unclear, and messy by design — in effect mirroring the work of leadership in every other realm. Join Adriano Pianesi for a webinar designed to enrich your thinking about deep leadership learning while expanding the community of practice growing around case-in-point teaching. 

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Software Requirements: This webinar will be using Adobe Connect to create a virtual learning space. Because Adobe Connect runs on the Adobe Flash Player (which virtually all internet connected computers already have installed), joining the webinar should be as simple as clicking the URL given to you upon registration.

Speaker Biographies

Adriano Pianesi is a leadership practitioner, a change agent, a high-performing teams coach, a consultant, and a learner/teacher who helps people create better futures. Through his consulting practice, ParticipAction Consulting, he helps diverse groups of people come together to solve tough problems and leaders work for change by harnessing the powers of conflict and complexity.  An international renowned speaker, Pianesi also teaches leadership at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.  He has a Master’s in Corporate Communication from the University of Milan and is a certified Action Learning coach.