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Jeffrey L. Buller

Jeffrey L. Buller

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Positive Academic Leadership

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Positive Academic Leadership

Jeffrey L. Buller

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 | 12:00 – 13:00 EDT

Register: http://www.ila-net.org/webinars/Buller

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This webinar will explore ways of pursuing the most positive possible outcome from even the most negative of situations. Unlike approaches based in positive thinking or learned optimism, Positive Academic Leadership is not an attempt to change how one feels about the world, merely how one interacts with the world so as to obtain better results. The goal is to spend less time putting out fires and more time making a real difference in our academic programs.

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Jeffrey L. Buller, is the author of thirteen books and more than 200 articles on various aspects of leadership in higher education. Having 34 years of experience in various leadership roles, from department chair to vice president of academic affairs, at four different colleges and universities, Buller now trains current and potential academic leaders. He also serves as a senior partner in ATLAS: Academic Training, Leadership, & Assessment Services.