Leadership: Impact, Culture, & Sustainability (BLB 2007)

Editors: Nancy S. Huber and Michael Harvey

Table of Contents

v. Introduction Nancy S. Huber and Michael Harvey
1 The Bridge as Powerful Metaphor - Where Is It Taking Us? A Weaver's Commentary Barbara Mossberg
14 Facilitating Sustainable Community Leadership Development: The Mid-South Delta Leaders Program Approach Donielle M. Lovell, Myrtis Tabb, and Christy Montesi
27 Initial Thoughts about Competition and the Sustainability of Leadership Janet E. Rechtman
37 The Leader's Role in Cultivating Intuition in the Workplace Tom Culham
46 Ethical Perspectives of Transformational Leadership: Are Ethical Leaders Transformational or Are Transformational Leaders Ethical? Kathie L. Pelletier
60 Social Enterprise: Leadership, Climate, and Organizational Sustainability Virginia Klamon
78 Leadership Dialogue: Interpersonal Communication Competence to Engage in Organizational Relationships Maijastiina Rouhiainen
93 Do Transformational Leaders Speak Differently? The Impact of Leaders' Transformational Communications in Meeting Followers' Implicit Leadership Prototypes Charles Salter, Meghan Carmody-Bubb, Phyllis Duncan, and Mark T. Green
107 Two Trains Running: Tolstoy on Lincoln and Leadership Norman W. Provizer
118 Developing Leaders for Sustainable Development: An Investigation into the Impact and Outcomes of a UK-Based Master's Programme Gareth Edwards, Sharon Turnbull, David Stephens, and Andy Johnston
134 Leading into a Sustainable Future: The Current Challenge Benjamin Redekop