Building Leadership Bridges 2004, Proceedings from the
ILA 2003 Conference in Guadalajara

Editors: Nancy S. Huber and J. Thomas Wren

Table of Contents

v. Introduction Nancy S. Huber and J. Thomas Wren
1 The Biological and Ethical Challenges of Leadership Joanne Ciulla
14 Leadership: Bridging the Divide(s) Luz Lajous Vargas
23 Leadership for the Common Good Arjan Overwater
29 Leading for the Common Good in a Shared-Power World Barbara Crosby, John M. Bryson, and Karen J. Lokkesmoe
43 Leadership in Higher Education Institutions in Latin America Victor Manuel González Romero, and Elia Marum Espinosa
54 Refiguring Personal Narrative as a Path to Leadership: A Global Perspective Susan Hagadorn and Gail Rae
62 Navigating Organizational Change: Leading the Way During Turbulent Times Charles A. Foster
70 Managing the In-Between through Servant Leadership Paul J. Boumbulian, S. Sue Pickens, and Ron J. Anderson
85 Encountering Leaders and Exploring Leadership Issues Using Independent Media Margie Nicholson
96 Taking Transformational Leadership to High School Students in Tonga Carolyn Salerno
107 Strengths-Based Leadership Development in Lithuania: The Lithuania Christian College Story Dennis Sheridan and Melanie Humphreys
115 "Following" and Leading Dissent in U.S. Politics and Labor George Cheney and Daniel J. Lair