BLB 2003 CoverBuilding Leadership Bridges 2003, Proceedings from the
ILA 2002 Conference in Seattle

Editors: Cynthia Cherrey, John Jacob Gardiner,

Table of Contents

v. Introduction Cynthia Cherrey, John Jacob Gardiner, and Nancy Huber
1 Leadership and Nonviolence Arun Gandhi
12 Top-Down Leadership Revisited David Gergen
22 Leadership:  Doing It Differently Mary Robinson
31 African Leadership: Traditional Patterns and Contemporary Continuity and Change Marta D. Bennet
43 Leadership in International Settings: Lessons Learned Patricia A. Cassiday
58 Leadership and Affective Events Marie T. Dasborough and Neal M. Ashkanasy
72 Unraveling the Leadership Conundrum: The Practitioner's Dilemma Diane L. Dixon
79 Mission Impossible" Infusing Leadership into the Liberal Arts Curriculum Joyce W. Fields and Linda B. Salane
92 Future Leaders for Reproductive Health: Approaches and Experiences within Developing Countries Stephen Gloyd, Timothee Gandaho, Jeanette Kesselman, Don Lauro, Bob Minnis, and Elena Conis
104 Leadership Puzzle of Transitional Economy Mikhail V. Grachev and Maria A. Bobina
119 Evaluating the Outcomes and Impacts of Leadership Development Programs Claire Reinelt and Craig Russon
137 Crossing the Boundaries in Leadership Program Design Dennis C. Roberts
150 Using Succession Planning to Transform Organizations Rosie Steeves and Barabara Ross-Denroche
157 ILA Distinguished Leadership Award: James MacGregor Burns