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Building Leadership Bridges 2002, Proceedings from the
ILA 2001 Conference in Miami

Editors: Cynthia Cherrey and Larraine R. Matusak, Editors

Table of Contents

  1. Restoring Hope to the Future Through Critical Education of Leaders – Margaret J. Wheatley
  2. Invisible Leadership: Acting on Behalf of a Common Purpose – Georgia Sorenson and Gill Robinson Hickman
  3. Strategic Cross-Cultural Leadership in Transnational Projects – Victor Sohmen
  4. Leadership and Ethics: Advancing the Conversation – Joe D. Potts
  5. New Leaders for a New Century – Sherry H. Penney, Vinai Norasakkunkit, and Jennifer Leigh
  6. Co-Producing Knowledge: Practitioners and Scholars Working Together to Understand Leadership – Sonia Ospina, Bethany Godsoe, Ellen Schall, and Jennifer Dodge
  7. Industry and Education-- Partnering to Improve Leadership Effectiveness – Bruce Murphy, Mary Breckenridge, Lisa Manendo, and Bruce Swanson
  8. Ethical Leadership and Laws of Power – Tony Middlebrooks
  9. The Leader's Journey and the Imaginative Life – Michael Jones
  10. Seeming to Be Real: The Leader as Image – Nathan Harter
  11. The Leader as Futurist and Visionary: Role of Anticipatory Management in Strategic Leadership – Stephen C. Harper
  12. Subversive Models and Abusive Models of Leadership: Peter Sellars' Interpretation of Mozart's 'Marriage of Figaro' – Barbara Barry
  13. Energy Optimization and the Role of Leadership – Kathleen E. Allen and William P. Mease