BLB 2001 CoverBuilding Leadership Bridges 2001, Proceedings from the
ILA 2000 Conference in Toronto

Editors: Shelly Wilsey, Larraine R. Matusak, and Cynthia Cherrey

Table of Contents

Women and Leadership: Looking Back, Looking Forward Right Honorable Kim Campbell
Managing in a World That is Round Frances Hesselbein
When Leadership is an Organizational Trait James O'Toole
Do Women Lead Differently? Leadership Styles of Top Women Leaders Kisuk Cho
The Inner Work Of The Leader™ Katherine Tyler Scott
Teaching and Assessing Leadership and Professional Skills Bonnie Pribush and Marilyn Bedford
Functional Leadership: A Model for the 21st Century Elisabeth Cox and Cynthia House
Political Leadership in an Age of Cynicism Michael A. Genovese
Cashing in on Machiavelli Michael Jackson
Backing the Right Horse Mark Clarence Walker
Leadership = Followership? Santiago Álvarez de Mon