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More than 1,200 leadership coaches and consultants, educators and students, scholars and researchers, and public leaders and executives will attend Leadership In Turbulent Times October 12-15 in Brussels, Belgium. We invite you to come and share your unique perspectives and knowledge. Attending an ILA conference is a unique cross-sector, cross-cultural experience you won't find at any other leadership conference.

The world needs better leadership and ILA's mission of promoting a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practice for the greater good aims to make a difference. Come learn and contribute to more integrated leadership thinking, practices, and solutions that can positively impact our complex global environment.



Jorrit Volkers
2017 Conference Chair,
Dean of Deloitte University
Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Our world seems increasingly connected and unpredictable. Rapidly occurring events in fragile areas of the world, once believed to be 'far away,' continually impact global society and local community, everywhere. An idea spawned in a basement in Stockholm can attract 100s of millions in capital and disrupt an entire industry across the globe. A local break-out of mosquito-borne virus can frustratingly migrate across a continent, yet we can track it by the hour and prepare. A political candidate's media-savvy can give voice to many, and threaten a political party and democratic system simultaneously. Social network technology can effectively aid in dislodging a brutal regime, yet be useless in creating a government to replace it. An online social network can be larger than a nation-state, disrupt an exploitive international corporate clothing campaign one day, and the next day be no more powerful than a chat-room. The internet of things can enhance remote health care, emergency response, and streamline logistics like never before, yet make entire communication/transportation grids vulnerable to 'hackerism'. Our ways of producing and consuming are moving into what is seen to be a promising 4th industrial revolution, and are threatening our planet's social and eco-stability at the same time....

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Patrick Sweet
2017 Conference Program Chair,
Co-Director, Leadership Alliance for the Geneva Centre for Security Policy – Center for Creative Leadership


View Complete Call for ProposalsThe ILA seeks proposal submissions from the global community that represent the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of leadership scholars, practitioners, educators, program directors, coaches, consultants, thought-leaders, students, and other leaders and leadership professionals.

The conference theme, Leadership in Turbulent Times, along with six tracks that focus more broadly on leadership in education, scholarship and research, development and coaching, business, public, and youth will be explored during pre-conference workshops, keynote presentations, concurrent sessions (papers, panels, presentations, symposia, and workshops), roundtable discussions, and poster sessions.


October 12 - 15, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

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