Followership Learning Community (FLC)

Who are we?
This community is dedicated to the development of knowledge, competencies, and programs concerning the
leader-follower relationship. It focuses on research, collaboration, and dissemination of ideas and information.

What are our current priorities?
  • Help push the ideas of followership into the mainstream
  • Generate greater interest in followership studies within the ILA
  • Develop a network of scholars who want to focus on leader-follower relationships
  • Create a practitioner network of consultants/leaders who employ leader-follower practices
  • Support scholars and practitioners seeking to learn more about followership

How can ILA members be involved?
  • Volunteer to review conference CFP proposals for various submission tracks
  • Join a committee in different ILA member communities to support followership
  • Look for stories on followership and share with the FLC

How to Affiliate With This Community
ILA members who affiliate with an LC receive occasional emails of interest from their LC leaders including volunteer openings, updates on LC initiatives, and opportunities to provide feedback. To affiliate/join: log in to this profile update form, scroll down and "Edit Your ILA Member Community Settings." Make sure to click Save in order to save your changes.

Contact ILA's membership team at with any general questions about ILA's member communities.