Susan Elaine Murphy

Susan Murphy joined the University of Edinburgh Business School in August 2013 as Chair of Leadership Development. She most recently taught doctoral-level courses in leadership and ethics, organisational change, and empirical approaches to leader and leadership development.

Susan has published numerous articles and book chapters on leadership, leadership development, and mentoring. Her current research examines leadership requirements, effectiveness, and development across different contexts and organisational levels. In her research Susan identifies ways in which organisations encourage "the leadership development mindset". This method of accelerating leader development takes place at both the organisational level, which includes effective succession planning and talent management, and at the individual manager level by increasing leadership self efficacy and identity, one's developmental readiness, and use of mentoring and other networking opportunities. Susan has consulted across a range of industries including the entertainment, mobile technology, biotechnology, banking, construction engineering, and energy-related fields as well as national and local government and other public sector organisations.

Susan was formerly Director of the School of Strategic Leadership Studies at James Madison University and Professor of Leadership Studies and before that at Claremont McKenna College as faculty and associate director of the Henry R. Kravis Leadership Institute. Before working in academia Susan worked as a Research Scientist at Battelle-Seattle consulting in the areas of leadership and management education, as well as organisational change for clients in the U.S. and Japan in for profit, nonprofit, and public sector organisations.

Susan's work has been published in Academy of Management Executive, Leadership Quarterly, Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Making, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Journal of Business and Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology. Her most recent edited volume with Rebecca Reichard is Early Development and Leadership: Building the Next Generation of Leaders and an authored book, Power Mentoring: How Successful Mentors and Protégés Make the Most of Their Relationships, (with Ellen Ensher).

Susan also serves on the editorial board of Leadership Quarterly. Susan earned her PhD and MS from the University of Washington in Organisational Psychology, where she also earned a MBA at the Michael G. Foster School of Business concentrating in organisational behaviour and human resources.