Laura Osteen

Laura Osteen is the director of Florida State University's Center for Leadership and Social Change and teaches in the College of Education. The Center is a campus-wide endeavor to transform lives through leadership education, identity development, and community engagement.

Before coming to FSU, Laura worked with leadership, community, diversity, and experiential learning programs in student and academic affairs positions on the campuses of Kansas State University, University of Maryland, University of Missouri, and Stephens College. Laura envisions a world where every student is enabled and empowered to create positive sustainable change.

She is co-author of Cultivating Leader Identity and Capacity in Students from Diverse Backgrounds (ASHE, 2013), co-editor of Developing Students' Leadership Capacity (Jossey-Bass, 2012), and a member of the Leadership Identity Development research team. Laura received her doctorate of philosophy degree from the University of Maryland, master's degree from Colorado State University, and her undergraduate degree from Indiana University.