Janis Bragan Balda

Janis Bragan Balda, PhD, is a Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the Center for Sustainablity and Global Change, Unity College. An attorney, educator, and researcher, she has traveled extensively and worked on projects and issues in many areas of the world, including India, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Mexico, the U.K. and Brazil. She loves interacting with people of different cultures and is always seeking to absorb knowledge and experiences relating to new fields and to expand her areas of expertise. Current research projects include Gen-Y effectiveness in the workplace and the way in which vales and beliefs shape behavior.

Janis has taught management, international business, international law, ethics and business law, and nonprofit leadership, and particularly enjoys bridging theory and practice across disciplines. Understanding that many significant legal issues arise from poor management practices,

What she lacks by being considered "height challenged" by her closest friends and family, she makes up for with her intensity.

Living between Southern California and Portland, Oregon, and Grenada, Janis loves exploring the parks and trails in all locales, finding beauty and interest in the varied settings.