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University of Calgary

City: Calgary     State: AB     Country: CANADA     

Contact: Dr. Amy Burns     Email:     

M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership  

Delivery Method: Online     Language: English     

Year Established:      

Department (if applicable):

School/College (if applicable): Graduate Division of Educational Research

Program Vision:

Program Mission: This graduate topic in the MED Interdisciplinary program is designed for aspiring and current learning, curriculum and school leaders within the K-12 educational system. Multiple approaches to instructional leadership are considered within the current context of schooling with consideration of contemporary trends and emerging issues. The focus is on evidence informed leadership practices that enhance student learning through attention to quality teaching and assessment, the ethic of care, inclusion and the thoughtful leveraging of learning technology. Courses link theory to practice and consider a range of pragmatic strategies designed to provide a solution-oriented approach to instructional leadership in contemporary schools. This topic explores the knowledge, skills, and approaches leaders can utilize to foster enhanced teaching, programming, professional learning and school cultures to increase student outcomes.

Institutional Mission: By creating and delivering exemplary human resources services, processes, and outcomes we contribute to and share in the University's mission and goals to: Sharpen focus on research and scholarship; Enrich the quality and breadth of learning; Fully integrate the university with the community.