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The University of British Columbia

City: Vancouver     State: BC     Country: CANADA     

Contact: Sandra Abah     Email:     

M.Ed. in Educational Administraion and Leadership  


Delivery Method: Classroom     Language: English     

Year Established:      

Department (if applicable):

School/College (if applicable): Faculty of Education

Program Vision: As members of the Educational Administration and Leadership Program we aspire to provide our students with knowledge, skills and understandings that equip them to work successfully in diverse leadership roles across complex educational and schooling contexts and exercise their professional judgment in ways which recognize and promote the values of a civil, democratic, multicultural and sustainable society, the empowerment of individuals and the wellbeing of communities.

Program Mission:

Institutional Mission: Pursuing excellence in research, learning and engagement to foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada and the world.