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Brescia University College

City: London     State: ON     Country: CANADA     

Contact: Marlene Janzen Le Ber     Email:     

B.A. or B.S. in Dimensions of Leadership  

Delivery Method: Classroom     Language: English     

Year Established:      

Department (if applicable):

School/College (if applicable): Leadership Program

Program Vision: Through this program, you’ll develop your leadership skills and character so you are able to influence, inspire, and create positive change within teams, organizations, and society at large. An attractive feature of this major is that you can combine it with any other program, for example, management and organizational studies, psychology, and sociology.

Program Mission: What does being a leader mean to you? Through this major, you’ll explore this question and gain the knowledge, understanding, and character you need to develop as a leader. Through theory, skill development, and the application of those skills, you’ll learn to lead yourself, engage others, achieve results together, develop partnerships, and make systemic changes. You’ll help to shape your corner of the world—or the world at large.

Institutional Mission: We see Brescia University recognized as a moral and intellectual powerhouse with destination programs that will draw students from near and far. We see programs such as our School of Education, the Marilyn Younger-Conley School of Social Work, and the Charles Albert Reid School of Business recognized for the unique educational experience they offer.