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University of Central Florida

City: Orlando     State: FL     Country: USA     

Contact: Kenneth Murray     Email:     

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership  

Delivery Method: Classroom     

Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education: Doctoral Universities: Highest Research Activity     

Year Established:      

Department (if applicable):

School/College (if applicable): College of Education

Program Vision:

Program Mission: The Educational Leadership degree program builds upon and extends the prior knowledge and experiences of individuals already in professional roles in schools. The program’s objective is to develop knowledge and understanding of the broad, systemic, and dynamic context of education (progressively advanced understanding at the Specialist and Doctoral levels). This includes a skillful and continuing interpretation of the legal, political, societal, economic, and cultural climates operating on and within the educational system. This objective is supported throughout the literature and is consistent with the several sets of state and national standards and competencies which must be considered in the preparation of school leaders and in program development.

Institutional Mission: The University of Central Florida is a public multi-campus, metropolitan research university that stands for opportunity. The university anchors the Central Florida city-state in meeting its economic, cultural, intellectual, environmental, and societal needs by providing high-quality, broad-based education and experience-based learning; pioneering scholarship and impactful research; enriched student development and leadership growth; and highly relevant continuing education and public service initiatives that address pressing local, state, national, and international issues in support of the global community.