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How does ILA decide if something is a "leadership" certificate or degree program or if something is a center of office offering "leadership" programing? In other words, what is meant by leadership?

ILA is a multidisciplinary, multisector, global association. Is the study of leadership multidisciplinary? Interdisciplinary? A discipline in and of itself? In this relatively young academic field, these questions are still under consideration. As such, inclusion in the directory is somewhat subjective. It is not necessary for a program or center to have the word "leadership" in its name to be considered for inclusion. Nor is the use of the word "leadership" a guarantee that a program or center will be included. This is a curated list. As with all curated lists, inclusion is based on the subjective judgement of the curator. Ultimately the ILA, as curator of the directory, reserves the right to determine which programs and centers are listed.

Please complete the form to the best of your ability. The more complete the form is, the easier it will be for people to locate your leadership education program in the directory!


EVERYONE should COMPLETE this section.

1) Name of Higher Education Organization (e.g. University of Abcxyz)

2) This organization is:

For Profit         Not for Profit

3) City

4) If in USA/Canada then State/Province


5) Country

6) Is the organization faith affiliated?

Yes        No

If yes, what is the affiliation?

7) If the organization has a regional accreditation, please indicate from where:



COMPLETE this section IF you are entering a terminal degree or academic certificate.

8) Please select the degree level for the program you are entering.

Note: If you offer more than one program, for example a Master's and a PhD, please complete the form once for each, adding them separately to the directory.

9) What is the designation (name and title) of the degree or certificate issued?

e.g. Ph.D. in Leadership and Change or B.S. in Organizational Studies, etc.


COMPLETE this question IF you are a CENTER or OFFICE/DEPARTMENT that offers co-curricular or non-degree leadership programming.

10) Briefly describe the leadership programming your center or office/department offers.


EVERYONE should COMPLETE this section.


For academic degrees and certificates, please provide a link where people can learn more about this specific degree program.

For centers and offices offering co-curricular leadership programming, please provide the link to your center or office.

Do not provide a general link to the university as a whole. A link to a specific program or center is necessary for submission approval purposes.

12) Who is the main contact person for the program or center?
13) Please provide an email address individuals may use to solicit more information about the program. This should be a stable, generic address such as info@ or admissions@ etc.
14) Please provide the VISION Statement (if one exists) for the degree, program or center/ organization.
15) Please provide the MISSION Statement (if one exists) for the degree, program or center/ organization.
16) Organizationally, in which college/school is your program or center located? Skip if not applicable.

e.g. School of Education, Business School, Engineering College, etc.

Please ALSO select the category that best describes THE COLLEGE/SCHOOL where the program/center is located.

17) Organizationally, in which department is your program or center located? Skip if not applicable.

e.g. Department of Pscyhology, Department of Leadership Studies, etc.

Please ALSO select the category that best describes THE DEPARTMENT where the program/center is located.

18) Language of Instruction?
19) What is the delivery method for this program? Check all that apply. For example, if your program has the option of being classroom only or online only, you would check both boxes. Hybrid (includes both classroom and virtual components)
Classroom Only
Online Only

20) Approximately how many full time equivalent faculty members does the program employ?

21) If applicable, approximately how many students are currently enrolled in this program? (this includes incoming and existing students)

22) If applicable, how many incoming students come into the program each year, i.e., what is the annual cohort size?

23) What is the approximate cost of the degree program/certificate? This question is asking for the "sticker price" before any student assistance, fellowships, tuition remission, loans, etc.


What year was the degree or certificate program established?

Or, if you are a center offering multiple co-curricular programming, what year was your center established?

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