Women & Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice Book Series

This cross-disciplinary series from the International Leadership Association draws from current research findings, development practices, pedagogy, and lived experience to deliver provocative thinking that enhances leadership knowledge and improves leadership development of women around the world.

More about Theorizing Women and Leadership: New Insights and Contributions From Multiple Perspectives

The purpose of this volume is to provide a forum for women to theorize about women's leadership in multiple ways and in multiple contexts. Theorizing has been a viewed as a gendered activity (Swedberg, 2014), and this series of chapters seeks to upend that imbalance. The chapters are written by women who represent multiple disciplines, cultures, races, and subject positions. The diversity extends into research paradigm and method, and the chapters combine to illuminate the multiple ways of knowing about and being a woman leader.

Forthcoming Volumes

Volume 6: Gender, Communication, and the Leadership Gap

Volume 7: More Women on Boards of Directors: An International Perspective

Volume 8: Advancing Women in Leadership: Shaping Pathways in the Political Arena.

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More about Gender, Media, and Organization: Challenging Mis(s) Representations of Women Leaders and Managers

This volume addresses the lack of critical attention in leadership research on how women leaders and professionals are represented in the media. Drawing from multiple sources, the volume's 14 chapters describe and make visible women's mis(s)representations in the media while drawing attention to the importance of situating these mis(s) representations in the broader social, economic, historical, cultural, and political context.

More about Women and Leadership Around the World

This book examines women's leadership in four regions of the world—the Middle East, Europe, North American, and Asia Pacific. Chapters range from explorations of women's lived experiences as leaders to presentations of the stories behind the numbers and statistics that reveal the status of women around the globe. Problematizing and historicizing women's limited access to power, the authors offer recommendation for change that would increase women's access to positions of authority and increase their effectiveness as leaders.
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More about Women and Global Leaders

Global leadership is a small but growing field of research responding to the increasingly complex, globalized world we lead in. Within this nascent field, the study and development of women global leaders is even smaller. This book takes a step toward filling that gap.

"This book ... should be understood as a collection whose time has come precisely because women now have opportunities to lead that are for more expansive than they were even in the recent past." - Barbara Kellerman

More about Women & Leadership in Higher Education

The 15 chapters in this volume present both hard facts regarding the current demographic realities within higher education and fresh thinking about how progress can and must be made in order for U.S. higher education to benefit from the perspectives of women at the senior leadership table.

"For too long, we have assumed that the male-normed models of leadership development would work to inspire and prepare high-potential women to move into institutional leadership roles ...." - Warren Bennis
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The Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice book series is published in partnership with Information Age Publishing.


About Susan Madsen

Susan R. Madsen is the Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University. She has been heavily involved for the last decade in researching the lifetime development of prominent women leaders. She has personally interviewed a host of women university presidents, U.S. governors, and international leaders, and has two books published on her results. Susan has conducted related research in the U.S., the six Arab Gulf countries, China, and recently in Eastern Europe. She has published over 60 articles in scholarly journals and presents often in local, national, and international settings. She has been an invited speaker at the New York Times and in NGO sessions at the United Nations. Susan is the founder of numerous networks, including the International Leadership Association's (ILA) Women and Leadership Affinity Group. She has received numerous awards for her teaching, research, and service. She is co-editing the new ILA/IAP book series titled Women and Leadership. She received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota in human resource development. ×

About Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

Faith Wambura Ngunjiri is the Director of the Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work, and an Associate Professor of Ethics and Leadership at the Offutt School of Business at Concordia College. She has research interests in women and leadership, particularly at the intersections of identities and locations; spirituality in the workplace; and, culturally appropriate qualitative methods. Her work has been published in books and various journals including Journal of Research Practice, International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Journal of Business Communication, Journal of Pan African Studies, and Journal of Educational Administration, among others. She authored Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa (SUNY, 2010) and co-authored Collaborative Autoethnography with H. Chang and K. Hernandez (Left Coast Press, 2013). Faith serves as co-editor for this Woman and Leadership book series (ILA/IAP) and Palgrave Studies in African Leadership (Palgrave McMillan) and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. She earned a doctorate in leadership studies from Bowling Green State University. ×

About Karen Longman

Karen Longman is professor and program director of the doctoral higher education programs at Azusa Pacific University, currently serving 100+ students from across North America and around the world. She previously spent six years as vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty at Greenville College (IL) and 19 years as vice president for professional development and research at the Washington, DC-based Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Karen has directed a series of Women's Leadership Development Institutes and Women's Advanced Leadership Institutes since 1998. She is the coeditor of Christian Higher Education: An International Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice and edited a 2012 book titles Thriving in Leadership: Strategies for Making a Difference in Christian Higher Education. She is currently coediting the new International Leadership Association/Information Age Publishing "Women and Leadership" book series. Karen earned her PhD from the University of Michigan's Center for the Study of Higher Education. ×