CD-ROM of ILA 2007 Conference Proceedings, "Leadership: Impact, Culture & Sustainability"

Did you miss the 2007 conference in Vancouver, Canada?  Take a virtual dive into the conference proceedings using this CD-ROM.  Highlights from the CD include: more than 230 resources generated from the conference, including full-text papers, power point presentations, handouts, etc; more than 300 photos taken during the conference; podcasts for 17 select sessions from the conference also available in the CD-ROM;

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This year's CD-ROM was made possible due to the generous support of sponsors. The ILA is grateful for their sponsorship of this unique and useful publication. 

University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia is celebrating the centenary of the granting of its charter in 1908. In the past 100 years, UBC has grown into one of Canada's finest universities. Measured by any criterion-the intellectual caliber of its students, the quality of faculty teaching and research, the professionalism of its staff-UBC is an outstanding university, and plays a vital role in the cultural, social, and economic development of the region and Canada. In recent years UBC has seen dramatic changes. Enrolment has grown from 31,000 students in 1995-96 to more than 45,000 today, with a corresponding expansion of UBC Vancouver's academic core, including new buildings dedicated to science and engineering, forestry, the health sciences, and the library. The growth of UBC has extended beyond the gates of main campus to the opening of three additional campuses: UBC Okanagan, UBC Robson Square, and UBC Great Northern Way, each offering unique communities of learning and research. UBC has much to offer and underlying this wealth of offerings is the belief in several vital principles that in one way or another inform all aspects of learning and research at UBC: active engagement in civil society, the pursuit of sustainability in its social as well as its environmental forms, and commitment to global citizenship. 

Saint Mary's College of California, Leadership Studies
Saint Mary's College (SMC) provides leadership education from a liberal arts perspective to people and their organizations in both private and public sectors. This values based, service oriented education is offered through:

  1. B.A. and M.A. degrees in Leadership for working professionals through a hybrid online/in-person format;
  2. Professional and continuing education through certificate programs, open enrollment courses and workshops, consultancy and training in organizations, and research through our leadership center;
  3. Co-curricular programs and activities in student leadership and service for traditional undergraduate students; and
  4. A new certificate program in Global Leadership (beginning in 2009).