CD-ROM of ILA 2006 Conference Proceedings, "Emergent Models of Global Leadership"

Did you miss the 2006 conference in Chicago?  Feel like you were there with this CD-Rom of conference proceedings.  Highlights from the CD include: more than 180 resources generated from the conference, including full-text papers, power point presentations, handouts, etc; more than 300 photos taken during the conference;

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This year's CD-Rom was made possible due to the generous support of sponsors.  The ILA is grateful for their sponsorship of this unique and useful publication.  To learn more about these programs, please visit their Web sites by following the links below.

Silver Sponsor

Columbia College Chicago (Silver Sponsor)
Columbia College Chicago is an undergraduate and graduate college whose principal commitment is to provide a comprehensive educational opportunity in the arts, communications, and public information within a context of enlightened liberal education. Columbia's intent is to educate students who will communicate creatively and shape the public's perceptions of issues and events and who will author the culture of their times. Columbia is an urban institution whose students reflect the economic, racial, cultural, and educational diversity of contemporary America. Columbia conducts education in close relationship to a vital urban reality and serves important civic purpose by active engagement in the life and culture of the city of Chicago.

Bronze Sponsors

China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong
CELAP is a Shanghai-based national institution funded by the central government. Our training is for high level leaders from government and top executives from the business community. We focus on social improvement and economic development. It's mission is: CELAP, by the synergy of "value education, capacity building, and behavior orientation", strives to foster and sustain strong, ethical and effective leadership for coordinated development of economy and society.  The International Leadership Forum, with the theme of Leadership•Innovation•Transition is a two-day conference which will bring together a wide array of people from the academic, public, and private sectors to share, evaluate and respond to new ideas, practices, and theories about leadership with a view to foster and advance strong and effective leadership for the greater good of individuals and communalities in China and the world at large. The Organizing Committee is now soliciting papers for presentation at the forum. 

Seattle University, College of Education: Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program
Seattle University's doctoral program in educational leadership's mission is to "prepare effective leaders for an interdependent world." This mission grows out of the College of Education's mission of preparing ethical and reflective professionals for quality service in diverse communities. The program mission is carried out through integrated program strands that are woven throughout the three year core sequence. These strands describe the leader the program strives to develop as: value centered, committed to service and social justice for the common good, professional, reflective, holistic, interdisciplinary, creative, visionary, scholarly, effective interpersonally and as a leader in organizations, and both committed to and possessing the conceptual knowledge and skills to lead in diverse communities and in an interdependent world.  

University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences: Leadership Studies Program
The University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences Leadership Studies Program offers: M.A. and Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, M.A. in Higher Education Leadership, and M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Undergraduate students can select a leadership minor. The school also offers certificates and other credentials. Twice a year the Leadership Institute sponsors Leadership for Change, an experiential group relations conference designed as a social "laboratory" for exploring the dynamics of power, authority, leadership, change and transformation.  The next conference, One World, One Spirit: Encountering Leadership Freedom, Authority and Accountability is scheduled for July 13-15, 2007 and will be directed by Dr. Bruce Irvine, Executive Director of the Grubb Institute in London.  In addition to these activities the school also sponsors programs that develop educational leaders in the K-12 and community college communities and hosts the Center for Applied Nonprofit Research.