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2016: Issue 1 (Download as PDF) | Issue 6  (Download as PDF)

Call for Member Connector Submissions

The Member Connector runs a number of regular columns to which members are invited to submit. Unless otherwise noted below, please contact Debra DeRuyver at with your idea.

Featured Author Interview - Each month we select a recent and important book of interest to feature in our member magazine and on our website. The feature consists of a behind the pages interview with the book editor(s) and/or author(s) and a complimentary teaser chapter for ILA members. Past participants include Warren Bennis, Ira Chaleff, Alice Eagly, Rita Gardiner, Jonathan Gosling, Ed Hollander, Brad Jackson, Barbara Kellerman, Donna Ladkin, Jean Lipman-Blumen, Ron Riggio, Michael Useem, and many others.

Pause for Pedagogy - PAUSE for Pedagogy aims to connect leadership education theory to practice and seeks to take lessons learned in the classroom to expand our theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning. Written for both the experienced educator and those new to the profession, this column will add tools to readers’ pedagogical toolboxes. Each column is accompanied by a video interview with the author exploring the ideas raised in the article in more detail. The series is edited by Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins, members of ILA’s Leadership Education Member Interest Group. Have you implemented an innovative practice in your leadership education? Contact Dan and Lisa at

Field Report - Short Topical articles (max. 2400 words) about a new idea or best practice in leadership, etc.  As the name suggests, the article should be deeply grounded in experience and have a great takeaway for ILA members.

Method Moment - Short theoretical articles (max. 2400 words) on a method employed in leadership studies. Past articles have included: Autoethnography,  Social Network Analysis, Comparative Historical Analysis, Visual Methodologies, and more. 

Member Spotlight - ILA member organizations are engaged in important work around the world. The spotlight feature is a chance for your organization to shine and to make your work known to the ILA network. 

Podcast Playlist - A series of article devoted to that twenty-tens digital dynamo - the podcast. Each article features a podcast program or individual episodes from different programs pertaining to leadership.  If you produce a podcast, let us know!  Or, nominate your favorite leadership podcast for our next feature. 

Print, Post, & Pass It On - There is so much going on in the world of leadership that ILA members are involved in! “Print, Post, & Pass It On,” is the place where members can share leadership events, opportunities, and even survey requests with other members.

Past Member Connector Issues

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