Member Connector (2016)

Issue Lead Article and featured content (downloads available for ILA Members)
Issue 7
  • Cynthia's Corner: Honoring the Past, Honoring the Present, Honoring the Future;
  • Pause for Pedagogy: Applying a Critical Frame to Co-Curricular Practice;
  • Conference News: Exploring the ATL with ILA’s Pre- and Post- Con Workshops;
  • Featured Author Interview: Carylynn Larson Interviews Doug MacKie, Author of Strength-Based Leadership Coaching In Organizations  (Download Chapter);
  • and more!
Issue 6
  • Conference News: Derreck Kayongo Announced as Plenary Speaker
  • Cynthia's Corner: The Thriving Ecosystem of Leadership and ILA's Polymathic Network;
  • Conference News: Winner of the Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper Award
  • Podcast Playlist: Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations;
  • and more!
Issue 5
  • Staff Corner: Intersections Road Test - Taking Members New Places;
  • Organizational News: 2015 Survey Results;
  • Conference News: Winner - Best Leadership Development Submission;
  • Podcast Playlist: On Leading;
  • and more!
Issue 4
  • Board Corner: Ready to Serve on ILA's Board?
  • Leadership Education Academy - Call for Facilitators;
  • Featured Author Interveiw: Ken Parry Interviews Steve Kempster, author of LEADing Small Business;
  • Field Report: Leaning in Globally - Female Expartiate Leaders and the Deconstruction of Cultural Bias;
  • and more!
Issue 3
  • Field Report: Leading in Turbulent Times;
  • Board Corner: Becoming More of Who We Are;
  • Will You be the Next Editor of Building Leadership Bridges?;
  • Method Moment: Understanding Shared Leadership-as-Practice Through the Application of Social Network Analysis Tools;
  • and more!
Issue 2
  • Field Report: Personal and Organizational Excellence Through Servant Leadership;
  • News: LEAD in Asia Conference;
  • Featured Publication:  Flawless Leadership & Leading From Within - Author Gloria Burgess and Editor Megan Scribner Interview Each Other on Their Books (Download Chapters);
  • Field Report: A Conversation on Women and Leadership with Best-Selling Author Rebecca Shambaugh;
  • and more!
Issue 1
  • How European scholarship is critically turning leadership studies. 
  • Why the exclusion of embodiment and emotions from leadership research places it on epistemologically thin ice in this interview with Arja Ropo and Perttu Salovaara, the editors of the Leadership in Spaces and Places. ILA members, follow the link inside to download chapter 10, Culture Matters: Space and Leadership in a Cross-Cultural Perspective.
  • How to retrain your brain and develop a growth mindset with these five process-designed learning steps from ILA group member, the Liautaud Institute.
  • Which university (and ILA group member) offers ALL 6200 of its graduate and undergraduate students an integrated, professionally-executed leadership development experience.
  • and more!

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