Member Connector (2015)

Issue Lead Article and featured content (downloads available for ILA Members)
Issue 9
  • How the Women and Leadership Affinity Group painted Barcelona purple last October; 
  • Who won the ILA Member Interest Group chair-elect elections;
  • Michel Foucault's methods of inquiry and what they can reveal about how we research and theorize leadership in this month's Method Moment;
  • The inaugural members of the Leadership Education Member Interest Group Executive Council;
  • Who won the Women and Leadership Affinity Groups Practice and Scholarship awards;
  • and more!
Issue 8
Issue 7
  • Intelligent disobedience, the critical skill for successful leadership and followership;
  • How the Leadership Development Centre in New Zealand is strengthening public sector leadership in the region;
  • A leader's perspective on the cultural fusion behind Latino culture and how this pertains to what annual global conference attendees might discover in Barcelona;
  • Leadership Opportunities and member news, including one member's desire for a face to face gathering with fellow members residing in Florida and a request for keynote speakers for a conference on women and leadership;
  • and more!
Issue 6
  • The tradition of building Castelles, or human towers, in Barcelona, other ways to increase your global mindset for Spain, and the name of the only hotel in ILA's Barcelona room block that still has rooms available!;
  • Featured Publication: Understanding Leadership: An Arts and Humanities Perspective - Interview with authors Robert M. McManus and Gama Perruci (Download Chapter 1: Understanding Leadership);
  • The use of comparative historical analysis to investigate our construction of leadership over time;
  • How leaders can energize people virtually to commit and connect to the goals of their groups, organizations, and communities in this field note from Australia, “Leading in a Virtual World.”;
  • What Michel Foucault's last lectures can teach leaders about power and subjectivation with August's Leadership Perspectives webinar Leader as Subject;
  • and more!
Issue 5
  • Method Moments: Visual Methodologies - The Power of Images in Leadership Research;
  • Field Report: Wither Leadership for the Greater Good? Field Notes from Australia;
  • Featured Publication: Leadership Dispatches: Chile's Extraordinary Comeback From Disaster - Interview with authors Michael Useem and Erwann Michel-Kerjan;
  • Member Spotlight: Netherlands Ministry of Defence, Centre of Excellence for Leadership Development
  • and more!
Issue 4
  • Join ILA's Board Team!;
  • Method Moments: Autoethnographic Methods for Leadership Research;
  • Featured Publication: Gender, Authenticity and Leadership: Thinking with Arendt - Interview with author Rita Gardiner (Download Chapter 5: Authenticity, Ethics and Leadership);
  • Member Spotlight: African Leadership Academy Johannesburg, South Africa;
  • and more!
Issue 3
  • Book Today, Sleep Five Minutes Away! ILA Barcelona Hotel Guide;
  • New Directions for Student Leadership;
  • Featured Publication: From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels: Leaders in Science Fiction Television - Interview with authors Kimberly Yost (Download Chapter 9: Shared Leadership);
  • Method Moments: Leadership and Philosophical Ethics;
  • and more!
Issue 2
Issue 1
  • James MacGregor Burns - Pursuit of Leadership 2-day conference;
  • Introducing ILA's 2015 Board Officers;
  • Featured Publication: Hard Times: Leadership in America - Interview with author Barbara Kellerman (Download the Prologue: What's Been Lost?);
  • San Diego Keynote Speech videos now available on YouTube;
  • and more!

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