Member Connector (2010)

Issue Lead Article and featured content (downloads available for ILA Members)
Issue 11
  • Lead Article: ILA Celebrates an Outstanding 2010 Conference;
  • Board Corner: Closing Thoughts on Leadership 2.0: Time for Action;
  • Featured Publication: Still Surprised - Interview with editor Warren Bennis (Download Prelude) ...and more!
Issue 10
  • Board Corner: Leading with Salsa - Latino Leadership for the Multicultural Millenium;
  • Community Corner;
  • Spotlight on Leadership Center at Morehouse College;
  • Benefits Portfolio: Member Interest Groups ...and more!
Issue 9
  • Lead Article: Rosabeth Moss Kanter Added as 4th Keynote to Boston Conference;
  • Board Corner: A "Geography of Leadership" World Tour: Exploring the Power of Place-based Leadership;
  • Community Corner: Announcing New Leadership Research Series;
  • Walk-Around/Dine-Around at Boston Conference;
  • Benefits Portfolio: Building Leadership Bridges ...and more!
Issue 8
  • Lead Article: London, UK to host ILA 2011 Global Leadership Conference;
  • Board Corner: Documenting Leaders in Action;
  • Featured Publication: Interview with Faith Ngunjiri, author of Women's Spiritual Leadership in Africa (Download Chapter 1, "Contextual and Conceptual Framewor");
  • Spotlight: ILA's Annual Salute to Graduates;
  • Benefits Portfolio: Leadership Excellence ...and more!
Issue 7
  • Lead Article: Denver to Host 2012 ILA Global Conference;
  • Board Corner: Global Partnership Roundup!;
  • 2nd Annual Emerging Scholars Research Consortium;
  • Spotlight on Batten Leadership Institute: Developing Women Leaders;
  • Benefits Portfolio: Leadership Perspectives Webinar ...and more!
Issue 6
  • Board Corner: Building ILA 2.0: Transforming Leadership With the Help of Technology;
  • 2009 ILA Conference CD-ROM Sponsors;
  • Spotlight on Indiana Institute of Technology: Daring to Dream & Ph.D. in Global Leadership;
  • Benefits Portfolio: The Leadership Quarterly - An Acclaimed Multi-disciplinary Journal at Your Fingertips! ...and more!
Issue 5
Issue 4
  • Lead Article: Boston's Leadership in Action: Findings from Generations X and Y;
  • Board Corner: Connect Colleagues & Students Virtually to ILAs Global Conference;
  • Featured Publication: Interview with Eric Guthey, coauthor of Demystifying Business Leadership (Download Chapter 6, "The Celebrification of Heroic Leadership");
  • Spotlight on Kinship Conservation Fellows: Leading to Innovative Solutions ...and more!
Issue 3
Issue 2
  • Community Corner: True Leadership: Making Others Feel Felt;
  • Board Corner: Social Media, Leadership and the Emerging Architecture of Change;
  • Boston Stage set with Dynamic Keynote Lineup for ILA 2010;
  • Spotlight on ILA Member: Global Women's Leadership Network ...and more!
Issue 1
  • Featured Publication, Public Sector Leadership: International Challenges and Perspectives, interview with editors Jeffrey Raffel and Tony Middlebrooks; (Download Chapter 1,: "Is Public Sector Leadership Distinct?");
  • Board Corner: Bridging the Gap Between Conferences: Member Involvement 2.0;
  • Community Corner: Welcome 2010 MIG Chair-Elects;
  • Improve Your Chance of Acceptance to the Conference ...and more!

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