ILA Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the International Leadership Association's (ILA) Internship Program. The program is a terrific opportunity for individuals studying or interested in leadership to work with the largest international and inter-disciplinary membership organization devoted solely to the study and development of leadership. We are looking for interns with a range of skills and passions including non-profit management, marketing, communications, event planning, market research, web design, social media strategy, and data analytics.

Interns work out of our office in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. This vibrant city is located at the edge of Washington, DC, with easy access to DC's monuments, museums, and restaurants via the DC metro transit.

2018 Summer ILA InternsPrevious interns have thrived throughout their experience at the ILA:

"I am proud of the growth I have shown myself and others around me. This summer I have learned to navigate through a new city, learn the ways of living with strangers and getting the hang of a 9-to-5 job. What I am most proud of though, are the relationships I have made here at the ILA."

"This experience has allowed me the opportunity to work with and hear from some of the foremost minds in the field of Leadership Studies. To be able to have a direct influence in an organization at the forefront of leadership today as allowed me to gain insight I would not be able to get anywhere else."

"For me, my biggest takeaway from my internship with the ILA how important it is to me to work in a place that fosters collaboration and creativity. I am thankful to have spent so many hours with my fellow interns as we were able to encourage one another and share ideas."

The ILA offers both paid and unpaid internships throughout the year that align with the summer, fall, and spring college semesters. Learn more about our 2019 Summer Interns at

2018 Summer ILA InternsInterns will receive benefits including:

ILA accepts intern applicants throughout the year!

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