Free online critical Conversations

Wednesdays 12:00-13:30 EDT | 22 July - 12 August

How can leadership educators respond to our changing world?

With the 2020 Leadership Education Academy postponed to 2021, our team of dedicated facilitators asked themselves: How can we help colleagues meet the the challenges and opportunities they're facing? This critical series of conversations is our answer. The facilitators and the International Leadership association are pleased to be able to offer these conversations free of charge.

The series is designed to provide spaces for participants to engage in guided reflection and dialogue on a variety of personal and professional challenges leadership educators are currently experiencing. These sessions will be interactive in nature and participants should arrive ready to engage. We hope to see you in as many of the sessions as possible, but attending all four is not required. Registration for each is capped at 150.

Conversation Topics

Please note there are only 150 spots available for each session. Each session is a standalone event that does not require attendance at any of the previous or future sessions.  The registration link appears after the descriptions.

Session 1 - What Does It Mean To Be A Leadership Educator Right Here, Right Now?
22 July 12:00 - 13:30 EDT 
This initial gathering will create small group spaces to process what it means to be a leadership educator right here, right now. Amidst the global pandemic, renewed calls for social justice and centering anti-racism, and looming (but interconnected) crises presently in the background like climate change, how do we as leadership educators respond? How do we center these contexts in our work? How do we support one another? How do we challenge one another? Ultimately, how does our shared work make a difference and better prepare our communities for these challenges? Come ready to actively participate, share, and connect with peers. Each session is a standalone event that does not require attendance at any of the previous or future sessions.

Session 2 - Navigating Uncertainty in Leadership Education Contexts
29 July 12:00 - 13:30 EDT

Leadership educators who practice in higher education and community contexts are navigating uncertain and challenging waters/times. This session is designed to help leadership educators gain insight for navigating current challenges in their institutions, organizations, or community contexts. Through guided discussion and reflection, we will explore how to see patterns, seek to understand, and act with courage in the midst of complexity and uncertainty. Each session is a standalone event that does not require attendance at any of the previous or future sessions.

Session 3 - What is the Place of Anti-Racism in Leadership Education?
5 August 12:00 - 13:30 EDT 
Prioritizing the urgency of the current social moment of anti-racism in the United States and around the world, this session offers space and dialogue for leadership educators to individually and collectively examine the necessity and impact of anti-racism in leadership education. Participants will engage in critical reflection of what it means to (a) be anti-racist; (b) be an anti-racist leadership educator; and (c) the learning goals for anti-racist leadership curriculum. Diversity in social location, identities, and lived experiences will offer learning moments in the form of curiosity, introspection, and commitment to challenging racist systems. Each session is a standalone event that does not require attendance at any of the previous or future sessions.

Session 4 - What Resources Do Leadership Educators Need Right Now?
12 August 12:00 - 13:30 EDT 
Leadership educators are facing mounting challenges moving online and navigating as well as facilitating complex, critical conversations. This session will address these challenges and provide opportunities to learn from other leadership educators through an interactive format that provides spaces to share and analyze strategies to facilitate complex critical conversations about teaching leadership online. Through a guided discussion and reflection on practice, we will explore two major themes: (a) how our identities influence how and what we teach online as well as the inverse, i.e., how teaching online influences our leadership educator professional identity; and (b) what strategies are leadership educators using to facilitate complex conversations and how do the social identities of our students influence how we engage in this process? Each session is a standalone event that does not require attendance at any of the previous or future sessions.

Our Team of Professional Facilitators 

Download their complete bios or learn more below. 

Dan Jenkins
LEA Co-Chair; Chair and Associate Professor of Leadership & Organizational Studies at the University of Southern Maine

Global expert on pedagogy, curriculum, and course design; Vice-Chair of the Collegiate Leadership Competition; and co-author of The Role of Leadership Educators: Transforming Learning.

Dan Jenkins
Rian Satterwhite
LEA Co-Chair; Director of the Office of Service Learning and Leadership at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

Helps students develop critical leadership practices grounded in community, systems thinking, and the pursuit of social justice. Writes on leadership for sustainability and peace.

Rian Satterwhite
Azadeh Davari
Azedeh Davari
Certified Executive Leadership Coach; Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego

Develops customized leadership solutions that focus on self-awareness, conflict management, intercultural understanding, and diversity and inclusion.

Nathan Eva
Nathan Eva
Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at the Monash Business School, Australia

Award-winning teacher with a focus on servant leadership, ethical leadership, and collective leadership. HIs research appears in many major journals.

Nyasha M. GuramatunhuCooper
Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at Kennesaw State University

Grows students' intercultural competence and global mindset. Award-winning educator exploring cultural contexts of leadership in African spaces.

Nyasha M. GuramatunhuCooper
Marc Hurwitz
Associate Director, Undergraduate and Non-Degree Programs, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship & Business, University of Waterloo, Canada; 

Author of Leadership is Half the Story: A Fresh Look at Followership, Leadership, & Collaboration; and Followership in Action: Cases and Commentaries. 

Marc Hurwitz
Francesca Lo
Francesca Lo
Executive Director of Leadership Education in Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the University of Washington, Seattle

Seasoned Student and Academic Affairs professional whose scholarship explores Asian American and Pacific Islander college student leadership development.

Kerry Priest
Kerry Priest
Associate Professor in the Staley School of Leadership Studies Minor Program and Leadership Communication Doctoral Program at Kansas State University

Award-winning scholar, focuses on leadership identity, professional development, and critical, community-engaged methods for collective leadership development.

Corey Seemiller
Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University

International speaker and author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook; Generation Z: A Century in the Making; Generation Z Goes to College; and Generation Z Leads.

Corey Seemiller
Linnette Werner
Associate Dean of Graduate programs at Hamline University

Developed the Intentional Emergence model for teaching and learning leadership. Formerly, grew and directed the largest undergraduate academic leadership program in the U.S.

Linnette Werner