2001 ILA Conference Online Proceedings

Follow the links below to download pdf files of these conference proceedings.  Additional proceedings from this conference, including keynote speeches, are available in ILA's annual print publication, Building Leadership Bridges.

Note: To view, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it on your computer.

Session Presenter(s) Download
Empowering Deaf Communities in Developing Nations Cristina Berdichevsky and Andrea Shettle
Preparing for Leadership in a Multicultural Context Bonnie Pribush
TransformActional Leadership: Leaders Building on Trust David P. Bugay
Health Care Leadership on the Edge-Dialoguing and Reflecting on Burning Questions Diane L. Dixon
Growing Leadership Circles for Rotary's Emergent Future John Jacob Gardiner
A Comprehensive Leadership Education Model to Train, Teach, and Develop Leadership in Youth John C. Ricketts And Rick D. Rudd
Into a Thousand Parts Divide One Man: Henry V and the Politics of Identity Michael Harvey
Enhancing Women's Leadership with Media Skills: The Work of the Women's Leadership Group in Nigeria Nkechi Nwankwo
Exploring the Relationship Between the Perceived Leadership Style of Secondary Principals and the Professional Development Practices of Their Teachers Mary Persico
A Teaching Spiritual Synchronicity in a Business Leadership Class C. Dean Pielstick
The Political Leadership of President Kim Dae-jung in Liberalization: Transforming and Liberal? Dong-Jin Jang & Man Kwon Kim
Reflective Leadership Barbara C. Crosby
From Values to Performance: Theory, Practice and Implications Christian J. Resick, Michael W. Grojean, Scot Bemis, Greg Dardis, Marcus W. Dickson, and D. Brent Smith
Impression Management: Self Communication in Leadership/Follower Interactions Taggart Smith