1998 ILA Conference Online Proceedings

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Published Conference Proceedings Download

(out-of-print) is now available as a downloadable pdf.  It contains:


The End of Leadership by Warren Bennis

Staying Alive by Ronald A. Heifetz

Leadership Lessons and Competencies: Learning from the Kellogg National Fellowship Program by Roger H. Sublett and John A. Beineke

The Legitimacy to Lead by Ronald Walters

Public Leadership: The Unanswered Questions - Do Leadership Scholars Really Have the Answers? by Kathryn J. Whitmire

Selected Papers:

To Give Their Gifts: The Innovative, Transforming Leadership of Adaptive Work by Richard A. Couto

An Ethical Challenge for Leaders and Scholars: What Do People Really Need? by Douglas A. Hicks and Terry L. Price

Leadership, Leaders, and Sin by Joseph C. Rost

Leadership in International Organizations: Lessons Learned through the International Monetary Fund by I. Marlene Thorn and Ginette Prosper


Additional Online Proceedings  

Leadership Development In Organizations by Richard R. Brydges, William C. Howe, Joseph C. Rost, and Carolyn F. Salerno

Leadership, God, and the Devil by Patrick McDonough

The Leadership of Hindu Gurus: Its Meaning and Implications for Practice by Pearl Anjanee Gyan

The Transforming Leader: A Meta-Ethnographic Analysis by Dean Pielstick