Highlights from the 2001 ILA Conference

Miami, Florida, USA, November 1-4, 2001

Despite the tragic events of September 11 and their aftermath, registration for the ILA annual conference slightly surpassed past years.  Three hundred people who research, study and practice leadership traveled to Miami with the shared understanding that the work we all do in the study and practice of leadership-- international leadership-- is all the more important during these uncertain times.  While the conference did not have an official theme, "Leadership in Times of Crises" was certainly one theme that emerged from the conference.   

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Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conference Scholarship Roundtables

This pre-conference session provided leadership scholars with the opportunity to interact with other scholars, practitioners and educators on topics related to their research.  These informal discussions took place concurrently, and there was an opportunity for session participants to join two roundtables during the course of the afternoon.

Conference Welcome

Cynthia Cherrey,  ILA Executive Director, reflects on the events of the past year and the work of the International Leadership Association toward the creation of a vibrant, leader-filled society. 


Michael Jones plays piano while Kathy Allen looks onWorld Knowledge Café

Facilitated by Kathleen E. Allen, University of St. Thomas and Michael Jones, Pianoscapes, Canada

The World Knowledge Café is a method of creating questions that lead to the creation of collective knowledge.  After a brief explanation of the process, Kathleen Allen and Michael Jones asked the group the question  "What are the important leadership questions in times like this?"  Participants silently reflected on this question and as Jones shared his music they wrote down additional questions.  Then, each person shared their questions with the others at their table and the group then jointly developed a summary question.  One person stayed to host the table, while everyone else moved to another table for another round.    

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Read Caption Below Margaret Wheatley's Keynote Remarks: "What is the Leadership the World Needs Now?"

Margaret Wheatley is president of the Berkana Institute, a charitable global foundation. She has been a consultant for a variety of organizations on five continents, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and the U.S. Army to religious orders and the Girl Scouts. Wheatley is the author of Leadership and the New Scienceand, with Myron Kellner-Rogers, A Simpler Way, as well as numerous articles on management and self-organization.

Conference participants talk with Keynote presenter Margaret Wheatley

Understanding Cross-Cultural Leadership: Highlights of the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Research Program (GLOBE)

Robert J. House, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

GLOBE is a multi-phase, multi-method project in which investigators spanning the world are examining the interrelationships between societal culture, organizational culture, and organizational leadership.  Approximately 170 social scientists and management scholars from 61 cultures/countries representing all major regions throughout the world were engaged in this long-term programmatic series of cross-cultural leadership studies.  Dr. House shared the major highlights from this groundbreaking international project.

Photo of PanelistsLeadership in Times of Crisis Panel and Roundtables

Gamaliel Perruci, McDonough Center for Leadership and Business, Marietta College; Jean Lipman-Blumen, Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University; Hugh O'Doherty, Center for Public leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

The panelists presented their research findings and personal insights concerning leadership in times of crisis.  After these opening remarks, conference participants held small group discussions. The conference weaver, Judy Sorum Brown circulated between the tables and made summary remarks to conclude the session.

Over 50 Concurrent Sessions

Participants chose from more than fifty concurrent sessions including workshops, panels, paper presentations and roundtable discussions.

Poster Sessions

A sampling of the visually exciting posters displayed at the poster sessions. Click to view full-size images.


Presentation of the ILA Distinguished Leadership Award

Larraine Matusak, ILA board member and conference chair, presented the ILA Distinguished Service Award to the Fire Department of New York.  The award was accepted by Stephan Hittman, Executive Director, Office of Fire and Life Safety, FDNY.  This marked the first time the award was bestowed to an ILA member.


Distinguished Service Award

The ILA presented the Fire Department, City of New York with a Distringuished Service Award in recognition of and appreciation for their courageous actions in the face of unprecedented terror attack.  Their leadership in the line of duty, September 11 and all days before and since. Their inspirational example, showing millions worldwide what it truly means to put service to others, service to community, and service to country first. Bestowed on November 3rd, 2001, on the occasion of the International Leadership Association Annual Conference, Miami, Florida, United States.


Conference Closing and Special Performance by Michael Jones

Judy Sorum Brown, poet/leadership educator and Michael Jones, Pianoscapes, Canada. 

Judy Sorum Brown served in the role of conference weaver; she shared her reflections on the experiences and knowledge gained by participants throughout the conference. 

To close the conference, Michael Jones posed several questions- "What is it that calls us into life? How do we live - and lead -without a script? Where do we go to find beauty and inspiration? What are those gifts and vocation that are natural to our true selves?  How do we find an authenticity in our own voice? What would it mean to live - not only a 'successful' - but a gifted and artful life?" and then while participants reflected on these questions, he shared several beautiful original piano compositions. 

Leadership Book Fair

Participants browsed and bought hundreds of the latest leadership books by leading authors.

Participant Comments

The tone of the conference was simultaneously light, friendly, and seriously professional.- Edward Hampton. 

Good mix of scholarship/practice.  Also, very reflective, good space in which to work. -Emily Perl.

As a practitioner in the field of OD, I was looking for a conference that would compliment and help me integrate my non-profit leadership experience, my professional practice, and my need to know more about what research is occurring in the field. The ILA conference was an ideal setting and a great experience. -Amy Taylor

It provided me an opportunity to make great contacts with others doing dissimilar work. Getting the opportunity to hear Meg Wheatley speak and meet authors of research and writings (e.g. Bernard Bass) I have read and studied was very exciting and motivating.  I was also delighted to have a participant list for follow up contacts. - Johanna Adams

The connections I have made, the learning that has taken place, and the new ideas that have been generated are priceless.  Highlights this year:  conferences weaving that took place (creative, courageous, impactful), The director's introduction (sensitive, inclusive, and just right!) and the presentation of the annual award (absolutely appropriate and so moving). - Laurie Schnarr