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The Path to Peace is as Easy as Riding a Bike Bikes along the beach 

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When: Saturday, 27 October | 14:00 - 17:00 | HALF DAY
Ticket Price: ILA members - $50 | non-members - $67
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Remember the freedom, exhilaration, and peace you felt on your bicycle when you were a kid? Why can't you feel that every day? You can!

The path to peace is as easy as riding a bike! So hop on your bike (included in the workshop fee) as you are treated to a tour of the West Palm Beach art scene followed by reflection time.

Today's political and economic climate is weighing on people in business, government, education, and non-profits. It has affected the individual, family and community at large. How do we get in alignment with what used to make us feel alive, yet at peace?

How can we find centeredness in our dividedness? How can we find equanimity in the media maelstrom? How do we rise above it all?

As employees, we all want to understand how our talents and contributions are of value to the organizations we serve. When we are aligned with the organization's overall goals, we and the organization thrive. When we are not aligned, either we, or the organization or both, find it hard to survive.

Similarly, when we have inner peace, we feel balanced. When our peace is out of balance, we struggle to find peace in our relationships, families, and workplaces. The genesis for world peace is individual peace. It is important to learn techniques to develop peace practices, so we may bring it to our families, friends, workplaces, communities, our nation and the world.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. This workshop helps you develop your personal peace acumen, enabling you to see it's ripple effect in your work, and throughout your life.

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  Who Should Attend?

Anyone in business, government, higher education or non-profit seeking peace in their lives and workplace.

What Will Attendees Gain?

Attendees will learn how to tap in to their own inner peace and use it to drive peace in their organizations. They will interact with other conference attendees and develop a peace road map to guide them before they return to their workplaces.

Workshop Leaders & Presenters

Ashley Capps Shannon Faith Walsh
Ashley Capps
Founder, CEO, and Head Change Agent, Gravity
Shannon Faith Walsh
Executive Coach, Global Community Enrichment


For the past 15 years, Ashley Capps worked with numerous local and national non-profit organizations as a fundraiser, consultant, and volunteer. She had the privilege of assisting cancer patients, human trafficking victims, children in foster care, and many more whose lives were touched by the support of their community.

Her goal for Gravity is to expand her reach and be a catalyst for positive change in the world. She wants to share all of herself – her professional skills and personal stories of struggles, growth, and accomplishments – so that she may inspire others to do the same. Her intention is to provide useful content, help your business grow, and empower you to stand in the face of your own magnificence.



Shannon Walsh has had the good fortune to work in Academia and Fortune 500 Companies in the United States and Overseas, with the U.S. Military, and Non-Profit Organizations. In addition, she spent time studying U. S. jails systems, and two years as the co-host of an award winning television program in South Korea.

She is a woman of diverse interests, but always a seeker of knowledge. She is a firm believer in Nelson Mandela's quote, that "Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world."

Shannon holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from Rollins College, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Literature, Language and Culture from Syracuse University, as well as numerous certifications in various educational disciplines.

She currently serves as Executive Coach at Global Community Enrichment where she works with globally-focused leaders to maximize their personal potential and enhance the success of their organizations.



Constance Campbell is the W. E. Carter Distinguished Chair in Business Leadership in the College of Business at Georgia Southern University, where she teaches MBA classes in Leadership and Organizational Behavior both face-to-face and online. Her research focuses on leader identity, women and leadership, and attributions.



Brionne G. Neilson is an assistant professor of Family Life and Human Development at Southern Utah University. Her primary areas of research address preschool children's executive function and academic skills and care environments. She also studies how childcare impacts women's lives and leadership. She has been recognized for several years of service to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Outside of academia, she and her family enjoy exploring the many national parks near their home.



Sandra Marić, grew up and studied in Zagreb, Croatia. Before joining to the Coalition for Work with Psychodrama and Peace as Deputy Head of Mission for Southeast Europe in 2006, she worked extensively with children and young people in eastern Croatia. Sandra holds a Masters in Sociology from the University of Zagreb. Her role with the Coalition includes therapy, research, writing, and a wide variety of other Coalition tasks.