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Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers Is Now Closed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

Important Dates

1 February 2018: CFP Closes
16 February 2018:
Reviewer assignments completed; reviewers advised via email that assignments are made and they may begin their work
16 February – 10 March 2018: Review period; reviews must be completed before the end

Accessing Your Reviews

  1. Log in at http://convention2.allacademic.com/one/ila/ila18/ using your ILA username and password. If you forgot your ILA username and password use the links in the “Can’t remember?” box.
  2. Under the Reviewer Menu, click on Review. If you see more than one track listed, you volunteered to review in more than one track and you have been assigned reviews in each of the tracks listed.
  3. Click on a track to access the reviews that have been assigned to you in that track.
  4. On the next page you will see a list of review assignments. Please note that there are two tabs: Individual Presentations and Sessions. Be sure to check for review assignments under each tab. 
  5. To review a proposal, click on the “Review” link under the Action column to the far right of the proposal title.
  6. Scroll down. On the left side of the page, you will see Title and below that a link to a paper (if applicable and only required for paper presentations) or “No Paper/Proposal Uploaded”(for all other proposal types). Below the proposal title, you’ll find the following five sections (a-e below). The order of these sections may differ slightly depending on the submission type. Take special note of the presentation/session type; review criteria are directly linked to the presentation type (definitions can be found at http://www.ila-net.org/Conferences/2018/cfp-proposal-types.html). 
    • Participants: This should say “Blind Review”. If participants are listed, please contact ILA immediately.
    • Short Description
    • Detailed Abstract (not applicable for paper presentations or symposiums) 
    • Presentation/Session Type
    • References (if applicable)
  7. For all submissions: There should not be any identifying author information in the submission. If you find any identifying information, please make note of it in the "Comments to the Association" box, which you will find near the bottom of the review section.
  8. On the right side of the page, you’ll see the Review Worksheet. You will see the different criteria you must consider as it relates to the presentation type. Rate the proposal according to the listed criteria where 1 is the worst possible rating and 5 is the best.
  9. PLEASE be sure to provide comments! This is extremely important to the review process. You will see two boxes: Comments to the Association and Comments to the Author. Comments to the author will be made available to the submitter after notifications have been issued. Please provide constructive critiques or comments such as describing the strengths and weaknesses of the submission, suggestions for improvement, ideas for collaboration, etc. Comments to the association will only be visible to the ILA staff, program chairs, and track chairs, and might include whether or not you think the presentation type is appropriate, whether the presentation is a good fit for the track, strengths, weaknesses, etc. 
  10. Indicate whether you think the proposal should be accepted or rejected by choosing the Accept or Reject button under Reviewer Recommendation.
  11. You now can select either “Complete Review” or “Save Work and Finish Later.”  “Save Work and Finish Later” is recommended so you can read through all the submissions assigned to you before finalizing your ratings and comments. Make your selection and then click the “Accept and Continue” button. Please note: Once you have selected “Complete Review,” and clicked on the “Accept and Continue” button, you will not be able to return to the review to edit it. You will be able to view your review, but you will not be able to make additional changes.
  12. After clicking “Accept and Continue” you will be returned to your list of submissions to review. The Status column next to the proposal title you just reviewed will be updated to either “Saved” or “Complete”, depending on the choice you made on the previous page.

If you saved your work, pleased remember to complete it before 10 March. You can return to the review by clicking on the “Review” link under the Action column as you did in step #5 above.  You can then make changes to the review as necessary and submit the completed review. Remember, once a review is marked as “Complete” you can view it, but you cannot make any further changes. If you feel that you submitted a review in error and need to edit it further, contact ILA2018Global@ila-net.org and we will give you access to the review again.

To access the other tracks in which you have been assigned submissions to review (if applicable), you may return to the main menu by clicking on "Main Menu" at the top of the page and beginning again at step #2 above or click on "Change Sub Unit" located above the Statistics Box.  Do not use your browser’s back arrow, as it will not work.

Note: There is a timer at the top of the page. Your session will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. You can refresh your session for another hour by clicking on the timer. If you are working in the review form and need to refresh, you can do so without saving the form first. Refreshing will keep you on the page with the information you’ve already entered still in the form fields.

If you need any assistance during the review process, please contact us at ILA2018Global@ila-net.org. Thank you in advance for your time and kind attention. We could not do what we do without amazing volunteers like you! We are so grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you in West Palm Beach!


Email ILA2018Global@ila-net.org.