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2017 Conference Presenter Resources

Important Deadlines and Dates   Presenter Check List
June 1: Deadline for editing program book information and updating your name, professional title, department, and organization in your ILA profile.

July 1: Scheduling information emailed to all Presenters, Chairs, and Commentators.

July 15: All Presenters, Chairs, and Commentators must be registered for the conference or they risk being removed from the program.

September 6: Logistics and preparation tips emailed to all Presenters, Chairs, and Commentators.
  Edit your program book info by June 1
Register by July 15
Book hotel
Tweet Your Attendance #ILA2017Brussels
Follow @the_ILA

Program Book Description Writing Guide

Question: With 200+ concurrent sessions, how can you ensure that people interested in your topic find you?

Answer: Write a distinctive, specific, compelling description for the program book. Think of it as a 30 second elevator pitch where you say what you did and what attendees will learn by attending.

ILA Style Guide

To Serial Comma or Not?

Please follow the ILA Style Guide (pdf) when writing your program book title and description.  This short 2-page document covers the most common style issues such as serial commas, capitalization, and more.

Download this guide on the top 10 dos and do nots! (pdf) and View some examples of effective descriptions (pdf).

Instructions for Editing Your Presentation

  1. Go to the same website you accessed when you submitted to the CFP:
  2. Enter your user name and password (same as your ILA user name and password) to access the site. If you cannot remember your user name and password use the "can't remember" tool located below the log in box.
  3. After you log in, click on "View a Proposal/Read Reviews/Edit" under the "Submitter Menu".
  4. In the "Submissions" tab you will see the submission(s) you made, accept or reject status, presentation format (which might be different from your submission format), and be able to read reviewers' comments.
  5. If you find you do not have anything listed in the Submissions tab, then you do not have editing access. Please email with "editing access" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include the title of the presentation and the name(s) of the person(s) who require editing access (if different from the sender).
  6. Click on "edit" to open your submission. Then click on the appropriate editing links within your submission to edit the title, short description, detailed abstract, and/or presenter list. In order to save your edits/changes, you must click on the "Accept and Continue" button at the bottom of every page of your proposal until you are returned to the main menu. If you exit your proposal before returning to the main menu, your changes will not be saved.
  7. Note: If you need to edit the spelling of your name, your title, department, or affiliation, please login separately to your ILA profile and edit there. Please allow 24 hours for the changes to appear in the online program/CFP system.
  8. Please note that you may have been accepted under a different session type than you submitted under. Please check your accepted presentation type and write a description appropriate to that type. For example, if you submitted a workshop but were accepted as a poster, your final description should be quite different from the original in order to reflect that change. You can review presentation types by going to: In addition, you may now include author-identifying information in your descriptions.
  9. Questions about editing or presenting? Contact us at

Audio-Visual Equipment

LCD projectors, small extension speakers, and PC laptops loaded with Office will be provided for all presentations in concurrent session rooms. Flip charts and markers will also be provided. Standard WiFi access is available in breakout rooms; however it is shared by all 1,000+ delegates. If you must have high speed dedicated Internet access for your presentation, you will have to pay for this yourself at a cost of approximately €100. ILA's director of conferences, Bridget Chisholm, will assist you with the arrangements. She can be reached at

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