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7th Annual Emerging Scholars Research Consortium

When: Thursday, October 15 | 18:30 - 20:00
Where: CCIB - Room 111
Ticket Price: Free to all conference attendees

In the Emerging Scholars Research Consortium junior leadership scholars will share their latest research efforts and receive feedback, advice, and fresh perspectives from senior leadership scholars.

In its seventh year, the ESRC is a valuable opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue around the newest scholarship and research being conducted by emerging contributors to the field of leadership studies. The Consortium serves as a venue for junior and senior leadership scholars to interact, foster collaboration, meet potential co-authors, and continue to enrich the field. It is also an event for universities to identify potential faculty and for publishers to find future authors and contributors.

Contribute as a Senior Scholar

Senior scholars are paired up with and sent the best emerging scholar proposals review ahead of the conference. At the conference the emerging scholars display their proposal in the form of a poster and interact with their paired scholar. Senior scholars will also have the opportunity to break from their assigned mentee and mingle around the room, asking questions about the research and hopefully continuing to give mentoring advice to the other junior scholars. Those attending the session but not in the formal pairings can stop and listen in on those conversations to be mentored themselves.

Senior scholars will be listed individually in the program for this session.

If you would like to contribute to the development of junior scholars in this way, please contact Becky Reichard at becky.reichard@cgu.edu.


Please contact Becky Reichard at becky.reichard@cgu.edu.

Thank you, event sponsor:

University of Phoenix