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Deans, Directors, and Chairs Dinner

When: Thursday, October 15 | Starting at 20:30
Where: Restaurante El Cangrejo Loco
Ticket Price: $70

Take a 30 minute walk along the Mediterranean Sea or take the tram to the Olympic Village Port where you will find Restaurante El Cangrejo Loco (The Crazy Crab Restaurant).  Enjoy a glass of “Manzanilla” wine and special appetizers on arrival, be seated and await the arrival of various tapas, then enjoy a cured ham, marinated salmon, and anchovie filet with roasted vegetables  appetizer, followed by more  tapas, and then seafood paella, wine is served with dinner. Save room for dessert and coffee!

Thank you, event sponsors:

The New York Times in Education
David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College