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Conference Registration


"The conference in San Diego was my first ILA and the process of registering for and being kept up to date about the conference was the MOST helpful and informative of ANY professional organization with which I have been involved."

- Lisa Burgoon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.

"The size of the conference was perfect. There were enough sessions to offer good variety, and the format of the sessions varied between panels, workshops, and presentations, which kept it interesting"

- Maria Anderson, Information Technology, Encana Corporation, Canada

"The culture of ILA is always so collegial and affirming, with its unique space for practitioners and scholars to engage and collaborate. "

- MaryJo Burchard, School of Business and Leadership, Regent University, U.S.

"This was my first conference, the networking was fabulous, the sessions exceptionally informative, and big names in the field of leadership to meet and converse with = Awesome."

- William Minner, Customer Support Manager, Homeland Security, U.S.

"Well organized through careful planning and coordination"

- Omololu Olusanya, Hamolink Nigeria Limited, Nigeria

"The weather, the people, the presentations - most of all - meeting new and very interesting people as well as reconnecting with friends and colleagues"

- Rob Elkington, Faculty of Business and IT, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

"The opportunity to meet folks from all over the world! "

- Lissa Pohl, Community & Leadership Development, University of Kentucky, U.S.

"It was a phenomenal way to connect with brilliant minds ... I was blown away by how genuine and kind everyone was, even the most experienced presenters and thinkers. I felt connected to a diverse community that all shares the same passion as I have, and that is an incredible feeling. "

- Emily Davis, University of San Diego, U.S.


2015 On-Site Registration Rates

CATEGORY On-site Registration Rates
ILA Member1 499 USD / 434 EUR
Non-Member 669 USD / 582 EUR
ILA Student Member1,2 369 USD / 321 EUR
Student Non-Member2 469 USD / 408 EUR

Registration Questions?

If you have questions about or problems with your conference registration, please call us at +1 (202) 470-4818 or email us at conferences@ila-net.org by Oct. 7, 2015.

1. All conference attendees, including presenters and speakers, MUST be registered in order to attend.

2. To qualify for the ILA member rate, your membership must be current at the time of registration through the end of the conference (October 17, 2015).

3. To qualify for the ILA student member rate, you must be a full-time student who is not employed full-time. Student members who don't meet these criteria should register at the regular ILA member rate. Please attach a picture of your student ID card or proof of student status to your registration form.

4. Registration fees DO NOT include ILA Membership.  If you wish to register at the member pricing, please join ILA prior to logging in to the online registration form.
1. Registration payment is required within 30 days of registering. Unpaid registrations more than 30 days old are subject to deletion.

2. CANCELLATIONS - must be emailed by September 15

If emailed to conferences@ila-net.org by September 15:
Conference registration cancellations are refundable, less a $75.00 fee. Pre/post-conference and special event ticket cancellations are refundable, less a $10.00 fee. No refunds can be issued after September 15, 2015.

3. SUBSTITUTIONS - must be emailed by September 30

Any substitutions must be submitted for consideration via email to conferences@ila-net.org by September 30, 2015. Substitutions are subject to a $50.00 processing fee.