Youth Leadership

Putting YOU into YOUth Leadership

The Youth Leadership member community serves as a forum for youth leaders, youth workers, coaches, educators, teachers, and all those who research, practice, teach, or develop leadership among youth.

With a focus on addressing the needs of and challenges facing young leaders, the intention of the community is to build inter- and cross-generational connections between all ILA members who hold an interest in this area.

Priorities & Projects

  • Launching an ILA Intersections group to foster networking, promote new publications and opportunities, share knowledge and experiences, build a resource library, and address questions about Youth Leadership
  • Establishing an Executive Leadership Team to expand our projects
  • Organizing an online Youth Leadership online virtual conference
  • Reimagining the Youth Leadership dinner at the global conference to foster more networking
  • Contributing to other ILA Member Communities to infuse youth energy throughout the ILA
  • Creating a Youth Leadership Mentoring Program

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Community Leaders

Stephanie Van Dellen Shanita Baraka Akintonde

Stephanie Van Dellen
PhD Candidate, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, University of San Diego

Shanita Baraka Akintonde
Professor, Communication Columbia College Chicago

Sample Resources

Leadership Perspectives Webinars

We're interested in Putting YOU into YOUth Leadership – please contact us today to share your ideas or to volunteer for the Executive Leadership Team or a project.


Shanita Baraka Akintonde is an award-winning academician and firecracker communicator propelled by love. This tenured professor, author, podcaster, blogger, columnist, wife, and mother draws on over 20 years of experience when engaging audiences around the globe on topics of media, diversity, communication and leadership. ×


Stephanie Van Dellen is passionate about helping others and enjoys contributing to an ever changing innovative environment. She believes life-long learning is essential and for that reason continues to learn something new every day. ×


Tasha N. Coppett's professional and personal experience has exposed her to a variety of different peoples and places from all over the world. She has parlayed these unique experiences into her career as a Student Affairs leader. ×

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Conference Creative Team
The Conference Creative Team is responsible for creating innovative and exciting programming for the Business Leadership community at the ILA Annual Global Conferences.

Member Engagement Team
The Member Engagement Team works to create, coordinate, and implement experiences throughout the year that serve and involve Business Leadership MIG members fostering active engagement and connection in between conferences. ×