Leadership Scholarship Member Interest Group (LSMIG)

Who are we?
A community for seasoned and new scholars and researchers from all disciplines and fields of study that creates opportunities to share research and theories, encourages rigor and relevance, and fosters collaboration.

What are our current priorities?
  • Engaging in discussion within ILA on the meaning of rigor and relevance within those doing research and scholarship on topics of leadership.
  • More comprehensively engaging scholars within ILA in submitting and reviewing LSMIG paper submissions for the global and other conferences.
How can ILA members be involved?
Are you engaged in leadership-oriented scholarship, research, and writing? Submit a paper to be reviewed for presentation at the next conference or volunteer to blind review submitted papers – these reviews make the Scholarship-affiliated program sessions at the conference as impactful as they are.

Are you an emerging scholar of leadership? At every global conference, the LSMIG hosts an "Emerging Scholar" research consortium to provide younger scholars the opportunity to connect with senior leadership scholars for advice and relationship-building conversations.

Submit a proposal to an upcoming Building Leadership Bridges book series Practice your own scholarship and better inform the field of your ideas and thoughts!

How to Affiliate With This Community
ILA members who affiliate with a MIG receive occasional emails of interest from their MIG leaders including volunteer openings, updates on MIG initiatives, and opportunities to provide feedback. To affiliate/join: log in to this profile update form, scroll down and "Edit Your ILA Member Community Settings." Make sure to click Save in order to save your changes.

Contact ILA's membership team at membership@ila-net.org with any general questions about ILA's member communities.


Andrew Wefald earned a BS in History from Iowa State University, an MBA in Marketing from Kansas State University, and a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University. Andrew also worked in industry for eight years in between his MBA and PhD, first at an educational publishing company, then at a large telecommunications company. Andrew also started and ran a small business while working on his PhD. Andrew loves music and goes to lots of concerts and is taking pop and jazz guitar lessons. He has also been involved in martial arts for most of his life and is a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Andrew has two daughters, three step-kids, and two dogs. ×


Katherine Friesen is a doctoral candidate and graduate assistant at Iowa State University studying Education with a specialization in Higher Education. My dissertation research explores academic leadership programs through the lens of institutional theory, disciplines, and higher education, with interest in the emergence of interdisciplinary bodies of knowledge and coinciding academic programs among institutionalized disciplinary and higher education structures. Additional research interests include leadership capacity building in women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as a tool for retention and persistence in their majors.

She serves as a graduate assistant for the College of Engineering and Leadership Studies Program. In her role, she provides leadership development opportunities for students in the College of Engineering through various initiatives. She is the instructor for the engineering leadership courses, electives in the interdisciplinary leadership studies certificate and minor program. She advises the Emerging Leaders in Engineering student organization and Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow conference, and hold leadership development workshops and presentations for student organizations and various programs on campus.

She received a B.S. in Secondary Education and a minor in Leadership Studies from Kansas State University, and a M.L.S. in Leadership Studies from Marquette University. Previously, She taught middle school social studies in the Kansas City area. She is a native of Kansas, having grown up and learned the value of leadership on my family farm in Colby. ×

Q&A With Chair-Elect of Leadership Scholarship,
Katherine Friesen

Q: What are you looking forward to as Chair of Leadership Scholarship?
I am looking forward to working with the Chair and Past Previous Chair to continue building and shaping the Leadership Scholarship MIG as a source of the significant scholarship being produced in leadership.

Q: What new goals do you have for the year as chair?
I seek to acknowledge rigorous and relevant scholarship being produced in leadership, highlighting the contribution and implications of the work that encapsulates the body of knowledge. I also seek to continue developing structures to support scholars in their quest to produce rigorous scholarship, pertinent to our understanding leadership and important to the foundation of literature used in many different sectors and areas of life by many different people.

Q: Why is the Leadership Scholarship MIG important?
The Leadership Scholarship MIG is important because of its relevance to the field of leadership. This MIG seeks and disseminates rigorous scholarship from a diversity of methodological perspectives that contributes to our understanding of the leadership process and its application to a variety of contexts.

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing leadership right now?
One of the challenges facing leadership, currently, is articulating the value and legitimacy of studying and learning about the complexity of the leadership process in a way that honors the nature interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of leadership. Value and legitimacy are important for acquiring resources, in many forms, necessary for the sustainability of leadership associations, education and training programs, and scholarship. All of which are important for the continued generation and dissemination of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge associated with leadership.

Q: What's the best leadership oriented book you read for the first time last year?
The End of Leadership by Barbara Kellerman

Q: What is your favorite movie for illustrating leadership concepts?
Still to this day, Office Space. ×




Kathleen Callahan serves as a Lecturer of Leadership Studies in the Department for Leadership and American Studies at Christopher Newport University. Her research focuses on youth leadership and international student affairs leadership. Callahan currently serves as a Co-Editor for a 2017 special edition of the Journal of Student Affairs Africa (JSAA). Additionally, she serves as an adjunct faculty member for the William & Mary Higher Education program.

Callahan received her Ph.D. in Higher Education from Florida State University and served as the advisor for the Florida State Undergraduate Leadership Certificate program. She has volunteered with NASPA: Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education for over 10 years as Historian for her Region as well as working with the International Education Knowledge Community. While still new to ILA, she is looking forward to working with colleagues around the world and engaging in leadership scholarship with dedicated professionals. Callahan received her M.Ed. in College Student Affairs from the University of South Florida and B.A. in Sociology from North Carolina State University as well as working for four years at Winthrop University as a Residential Learning Coordinator/Academic Associate for University College and teaching leadership with the Vice President for Student Life. ×


Natalie Coers joined the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Florida in Fall 2010 after receiving her Master of Agricultural Leadership degree from the University of Georgia and B.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Natalie's work at UF involves two programs: the CALS Leadership Institute and CALS Teaching Resource Center. Her interests include student leadership development through international service experiences, program development, and teaching/learning practices. Natalie has been a member of the ILA since 2007 and is excited to be serving in the capacity of Team Lead for the Resources Team of the Leadership Education MIG! ×

Leadership Scholarship MIG Community Teams

Conference Creative Team
The Conference Programming Team is responsible for creating innovative and exciting programming for the Leadership Scholarship community at the ILA Annual Global Conferences.

Scholar Engagement Team
The Scholar Engagement Team works to create, coordinate, and implement experiences throughout the year that serve and involve Leadership Scholarship MIG members fostering active engagement and connection in between conferences. ×