Public Leadership Member Interest Group (PLMIG)

Who are we?
The Public Leadership Member Interest Group (PLMIG) is a forum for networking and collaboration for those who study, teach, and practice leadership in the public domain. This includes civic, governmental, military, nonprofit, political, and social organizations and institutions typically characterized by a primary emphasis on serving the public good. Increasingly so, this also incorporates collaborative efforts between the aforementioned organizations AND for-profit businesses.

The PLMIG facilitates sharing of ideas, expertise, and resources to address public leadership issues. The PLMIG encourages the development and application of concepts, theories, research, and practical experience in the field of public leadership, and highlights emerging issues, challenges, opportunities, and best practices.

What are our current priorities?
  • Cultivate new MIG members and foster the network.
  • Solicit and promote Public Leadership sessions at the 2016 Annual Meeting.
  • Establish a collaboration with the International Journal of Public Leadership for a special issue on PLMIG conference sessions and other submissions.
  • Recruit candidates for future PLMIG leadership roles.
How can ILA members be involved?
Members of the community can get involved by:

Submitting and volunteering to review proposals submitted to the Public Leadership track, part of the Annual Global Conference call for proposals. The 2016 CFP closes on February 1, 2016. Additionally, attending the PLMIG business meeting at the conference and networking with fellow members.

Posting pertinent articles and announcements to the PLMIG LinkedIn group.

Suggesting ideas for and helping to organize webinars, submitting public leadership-related content for the ILA Member Connector newsletter, as well as providing resources for the MIG's collection of public leadership articles, books, reports, organizations, programs, courses, etc.

Past Events and Activities
2015: Hosted the Public Leadership Networking Dinner at ILA Barcelona.

How to Affiliate With This Community
ILA members who affiliate with a MIG receive occasional emails of interest from their MIG leaders including volunteer openings, updates on MIG initiatives, and opportunities to provide feedback. To affiliate/join: log in to this profile update form, scroll down and "Edit Your ILA Member Community Settings." Make sure to click Submit at the bottom of the page in order to save your changes.

Contact ILA's membership team at with any general questions about ILA's member communities.


Nikol Hopman is strongly committed to leadership for the public good and is an active member of the ILA since 2005. At the moment she is heading the Leiden Leadership Centre & Centre for Professional Learning at University Leiden - Campus The Hague. With Professor Keith Grint and Anne Murphy, she has set up the Learning Leadership Lab, an international action research initiative to better understand the challenges leaders in the public domain are facing and how to address these. She seeks and applies new insights with regards to the learning of public leadership in leadership education and programmes for professionals.

She holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and started her career working for the Association of Netherlands Municipalities being responsible for a wide variety of international cooperation projects in Latin-America and Africa. She has built the Centre for Public Leadership at the Dutch Institute for Public Administration and published on public leadership, European leadership and political-bureaucratic relations. Her current areas of interest include contextual leadership, emergent complexity and values-based leadership. She volunteered in a Primary School Advisory Board (3 years) and in the Board of a Modern Dance Foundation (5 years). She is married and the proud mother of two adolescents. ×


Randy Poon serves as Associate Professor and chairs the Business program at Ambrose University in Calgary, Canada. He also co-chaired the recent Soul of the Next Economy Forum held in conjunction with Ambrose University and several key partners in the community and international development fields. The Forum focused on exploring business solutions to social and environmental issues through means of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and community development. He teaches in the area of nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility, organizational development, and leadership. He also leads international community development student trips to areas such as the Dominican Republic.

He holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of British Columbia. His doctoral dissertation focused on the relationship between leader attachment/integration and employee mental health and psychological capital.

Randy spent 19 years with the Canadian federal government in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Working with several departments in a strategic planning and policy capacity, his most recent tenure was with the Department of Canadian Heritage where he held the role of Director General, Strategic Policy and Planning, with the Cultural Affairs Sector. In addition to his time in the academy and federal public service, Randy also worked in the oil and gas industry, and is an accomplished speaker and executive trainer. ×


Ariel L. Kaufman is an outreach specialist in Campus Community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison), a public land-grant institution with over 40,000 students. She has engaged in educational leadership through her research, teaching, and outreach activities for 15 years. She emphasizes that the relationships to people and to context matter in leadership. Her academic-community partnership professional connections with Growing Power are built upon sustained engagement. he has also worked extensively in the nonprofit sector and currently serves as Growing Power President of the Board of Directors ( She holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and contributes to UW-Madison's Coordinated Leadership Initiative ( ×

Public Leadership MIG Community Teams

Conference Creative Team
This team is responsible for creating innovative and exciting programming for the Public Leadership community at the ILA Annual Global Conferences.

Member Engagement Team
This team works to create, coordinate, and implement experiences throughout the year that serve and involve Public Leadership MIG members fostering active engagement and connection in between conferences. ×