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Initiating a Learning Community

If you are an ILA member interested in initiating a Learning Community, please download the following form and submit to the ILA.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are initiated by members and organized around themes, areas of passion, or critical questions. These communities are highly flexible, easily formed, and remain active until members decide their work together is complete.

Arts and Leadership (go to homepage)
A new community that intends to use a variety of approaches to explore how the creative arts are incorporated into leadership development and education worldwide.

Doctoral Program Faculty and Leaders (go to homepage)
A community that promotes an exchange of ideas between faculty and administrators that work in doctoral programs in leadership.

Ethics Forum (go to homepage)
A community that provides an ongoing forum for discussions about research, practices, frameworks, and contextual approaches concerning ethics and leadership.

Followership (go to homepage)
A community is dedicated to the development of knowledge, competencies, and programs concerning the leader-follower relationship. It focuses on research, collaboration, and dissemination of ideas and information.

Philosophy, Religion and Worldviews (go to homepage)
A community that encourages participation from all faith-based perspectives and worldviews to foster explorations of the multiple relationships between leadership practices, individual core beliefs, diverse cultural perspectives, and traditions.

Sustainability Leadership (go to homepage)
A community that casts a wide net to attract individuals interested in teaching, researching, studying, and programming around the emerging paradigms of environmental leadership and sustainability leadership beyond ecological concerns.

Past Learning Communities

Guidelines for Leadership Education
ILA's first learning community began with presentations and discussions dating back to the 2002 ILA annual global conference and was officially formalized in 2007. The learning community devoted themselves to the development of the Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs document - a resource for anyone developing, reorganizing, or evaluating a leadership education program.

How to Join a Learning Community

To affiliate/join: log in to this profile update form, scroll down and "Edit Your ILA Member Community Settings." Make sure to click Save in order to save your changes.