The Followership Member Community is dedicated to the development of knowledge, competencies, and programs concerning the leader-follower relationship. We focus on research, collaboration, and dissemination of ideas and information.

We are a passionate group of academics and practitioners looking to engage in conversations for all things followership! Whether you're completely new to this fascinating concept, or already have an interest, we'd love to hear from you and for you to join our community- please get in touch!

Priorities & Projects

  • Infusing notions of followership into mainstream leadership discussions, research, and approaches
  • Generating greater interest in followership studies within the ILA and other organizations
  • Developing a network of scholars who want to focus on followership and leader-follower relationships
  • Creating a practitioner network of consultants, coaches, and leaders who employ leader-follower practices
  • Supporting scholars and practitioners seeking to learn more about followership and to engage with others in the field
  • Fostering collaborations on followership practices, research, publications, and pedagogical approaches
  • Developing our online space on ILA Intersections to encourage conversations, collaborations, and networking.

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Community Leaders

Wendy M. Edmonds
Assistant Professor, Bowie State University (USA)

Marc Hurwitz
Co-Founder, FlipSkills

Sample Resources

Followership Exchange WIKI

Active LinkedIn and Facebook groups – search for followership

Leadership Perspectives Webinars