Leadership Legacy Program: Honoring Luminaries in the Field With ILA's Lifetime Achievement Award

History of the Program

As part of the 10th Anniversary celebration in 2008, ILA began work on a new program that will carry into both the future of the ILA and the future of leadership studies: The Leadership Legacy Program.  The ILA will induct individuals from the field of leadership studies into the Legacy Program by presenting them with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Honorees will be selected based on their significant and diverse contributions to the field of leadership.  

Throughout the 2008 and 2011 conferences, honorees hosted special sessions with conference attendees. These sessions allowed the Leadership Legacy Program inductees to explore the conference theme from their own unique perspectives. The ILA thanks Larraine Matusak for her leadership in creating this program and for her founding sponsorship. We also wish to thank the Randall L. Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence at Indiana University for conducting oral histories with our recipients.

Learn more about the contributions that each of these internationally renowned scholars have contributed to the field of leadership by clicking on their name below. Each name is followed by year of induction.

2013 Honorees

Alice Eagly
Henry Mintzberg
Ralph Stogdill

Past Awardees

Max De Pree (2012)
Edgar Schein (2012)
Ron Walters (2012)
John Adair (2011)
Mary Parker Follett (2011)
John Gardner (2011)
Robert House (2011)
Fred Fiedler (2010)
Edwin Hollander (2010)
Jean Lipman-Blumen (2010)
Russ Mawby (2010)
Joseph C. Rost (2008)
Bernie Bass (2008)
Warren Bennis (2008)
Manfred Kets de Vries (2008)
James MacGregor Burns (2008)
Frances Hesselbein (2008)