Past Winners of the Fredric M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award

Uzay Dural


Uzay Dural, Assistant Professor, Organizational Psychology,
Medipol University

Exposure-Induced Malleability of Implicit Prejudice toward Female Leadership: A Quasi-Experiment Following Municipality Elections

G. James Lemoine


G. James Lemoine, Assistant Professor, Organization and Human Resources Department, University at Buffalo; Member, Board of Trustees, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

Closing the Leadership Circle: Building and Testing a Contingent Theory of Servant Leadership

Danielle L. Lupton


Danielle L. Lupton, Colgate University

Leaders, Perceptions, and Reputations for Resolve


Suze Wilson, Massey University

Thinking Differently About Leadership: A Critical History of the Form and Formation of Leadership Studies


Ethan Bernstein, Harvard Business School

Does Privacy Make Groups Productive?


Jack Barentsen, Institute for Leadership & Ethics, The Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium

Emerging Leadership in the Pauline Mission: A Social Identity Perspective on Local Leadership Development in Corinth and Ephesus


Mark A. Menaldo, Michigan State University

Putting Statesmanship Back Into Statecraft: The Role of Transformative Ambition in International Relations


YoungHee (Sylvia) Hur, University of Twente

Optimizing Managerial Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence


Kathie Pelletier, Claremont Graduate University

The Effects of Favored Status and Identification with Victim on Perceptions of and Reactions to Leader Toxicity


Rita Palrecha, State University of New York at Binghamton

The Transformational Leader Model, the Nurturant-Task Leader Model, and the Unique Local Leadership Model: A Quantitative and Qualitative Competitive Test of Three Leadership Models in India


Steve Olson, Emory University

The Ethics of Leadership: Construction of an Analytical Framework, with Application to Ken Blanchard's Theories of Situational and Servant Leadership


D. Michael Lindsay, Princeton University

Faith in the Corridors of Power

2008 Runner Up Manuel (Manny) Teodoro, University of Michigan
Bureaucratic Ambition: Professional Careers, Personal Motives and Policy Innovation

2007 Honorable Mention Richard D. Berry, George Washington University
Discovering the Missing Link of Emotion in Leadership: A Case Study of Affect Valence and Emerging Leadership

2007 Honorable Mention Frederic J.A. Damen, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Taking the Lead: The Role of Affect in Leadership Effectiveness

2005 Ross J. Corbett, Brown University
Locke and the Problem of Crisis Leadership

2005 Honorable Mention Marie Dasborough, University of Queensland
Follower Emotional Responses to Attributions of Leadership

2005 Honorable Mention Suzanne Stigler Martin, Regent University
Toward a Theory of Invisible Leadership

2004 Benjamin Kleinerman, Michigan State University
The Place of Executive Power in the American Constitutional Republic

2004 Christelle LaPolice, George Washington University
Leader Behaviors, Employee Attitudes, and Organizational Characteristics as Moderators

2004 Felicia Mainella, University of Maryland
The Role of Moral Reasoning in Transformation Leadership: The Relationship Between College Student Leaders' Self-Perceived Leadership Behaviors and Level of Moral Reasoning

2003 Joseph Crespino, Stanford University
Strategic Accommodation: Civil Rights Opponents in Mississippi and Their Impact on America Racial Politics, 1953-1972

2003 Toby Vitek, Wayne State University
Leadership Behavior and Managerial Success: A Test of Three Theories

2002 Albert H. Fein, Gonzaga University
There and Back Again: A Phenomenological Inquiry of School Shootings as Experienced by School Leaders

2002 Rebecca Todd Peters, Union Theological Seminary
In Search of the Good Life: A Feminist Critical Theo-ethical Reading of the Globalization Debates

2002 Andrea Grove, University of Vermont
Leadership and Nationalist Mobilization: Investigating the Linkage Between Strategies and Context

2002 Rita Tekippe, University of Central Arkansas
Procession, Piety, and Politics: Three Medieval Rheno-Mosan Reliquary Shrines and the Cult Communities for Bishop-Saints Servatius of Maastricht, Eleutherius of Tournai, and Remaclus of Stavelot

2002 Matthew Trachman, City University of New York
Rethinking Leadership: Presidential Leadership and the 'Spirit of the Game' of Democracy

2001 Olga Epitropaki, Cardiff University
From ideal leaders to actual managers: A longitudinal investigation of implicit leadership theories, leader-member exchanges, transformational leadership and employee outcomes

2001 Andrew Lewis, University of Virginia
Wandering in Two Worlds: Race, Citizenship, and Education in Virginia Since 1945

2001 Brian Palmer, Harvard University
Wolves at the Door: Existential Solidarity in a Globalizing Sweden