Our Virtual Platform 

While we may not be meeting in-person in San Francisco in November, this year’s event brings you the same high value experience:

  • Live, interactive face-to-face virtual presentations, plenaries, author events, conversations with, networking sessions, workshops, and more!

  • Exhibition booths & visiting hours with programs, organizations, and publishers.

  • Networking that includes impromptu F2F video meetings with other delegates.

  • Roundtable discussions, poster sessions, and member community events.


We’ve paid attention to the entire conference experience and what makes ILA conferences amazing - creating ways to ensure that the intangible elements of a successful conference – the quality of the networking, the serendipitous encounters, the overall interactivity – remain front and center as we move into the virtual world!

Crucially, when you register as a delegate at Leading at the Edge, you’ll also receive a valuable additional benefit: full access to all recorded sessions until the end of the year. This means you won’t miss out on any concurrent sessions or on any sessions delivered at a time that doesn’t suit your schedule.

We’ve created this landing page to help you navigate your way around this year’s global conference.

+ How does this virtual event work?

Leading at the Edge commences at 9am New York | 2pm London on Thursday, 5 November 2020 | 3am Auckland on Friday, 6 November.

However, no later than Monday, 2 November, you’ll receive access to the online event platform to customize your profile and start building your schedule – see below.

You will access all sessions, activities and networking through the online portal, and you can begin scheduling your meetings for Leading at the Edge as soon as you access the platform.

All you need to join is a computer or laptop, internet access, and an up-to-date Chrome web browser. Please note that while the platform can be accessed via a tablet or smartphone, as well as a variety of web browsers, it is not recommended.  Chrome is the only browser that is supported and we recommend downloading the latest version of Chrome prior to attending. You should also download the most recent version of Zoom to ensure that breakout rooms work correctly for you.  

The platform will remain open until 31 December, enabling you to log in at any time to watch those sessions you couldn’t attend live and access resources, as well as retrieve any chats, messages, and contact information you collected during the event.

+ How do I get on to and use the Virtual Platform? 

Step One – Confirm audio & video capabilities
  1. No later than Monday, 02 November you will receive a message from the OnAIR portal providing you with instructions on how to gain access to ILA’s 22nd Annual Global Conference via the OnAIR platform. When you log-in, you may be asked to confirm your audio and video capabilities.
  2. You also may have to set your browser to accept OnAir, our virtual conference platform.


Step Two – Check-in and update your profile
  1. Like a normal conference, you have to check-in but you only have to do this once.
  2. On the Event Check-in screen, you can edit your personal details, upload a profile picture and confirm your time zone.
  3. You’ll also be able to choose what data you’d like to share with other delegates as part of Meeting Hub, OnAir’s on-line networking platform (see below).
  4. When you’ve completed the check-in formalities, close that page and you’ll find yourself on the virtual conference platform with the Timeline or Program Schedule for each day of the conference.


Step Three – Peruse the conference program, choose the sessions you want to attend and build your customized schedule
  1. The Timeline shows the different sessions and functions available to you as a registered delegate.
  2. More details are available when you click on that session and, if you want to include that session in your own customised conference schedule, then click on the star next to the name.
  3. In fact, by clicking on the star that appears beside any program element, you automatically include that session or function in your customised schedule. By clicking on the favourites filter your customised schedule will appear on your timeline.
  4. The countdown time on the top right of the screen displays how much time you have before the next session begins.



+ What is the Meeting Hub?

We love in-person conferences particularly for the new connections we make, often with attendees from other parts of the world. These connections are often serendipitous, conversations we strike up while waiting in a buffet line or with the attendee who randomly chooses the seat next to us in the plenary session.

The Meeting Hub on OnAir takes the coincidence out of networking and allows us to easily and purposefully connect with attendees we specifically want to chat with and meet. Here’s how it works:

Meeting Hub lists all conference attendees and allows you to use specific filters (name, country, thematic interests etc) to search attendee profiles and then request to connect with these attendees.

On screen you’ll see all attendees as well as your list of pending requests and confirmed connections.

Once connected with another attendee, you can live chat, call, message or set up a meeting with that person. You can also make notes during the meeting and export them along with your session notes and handouts at the end of the conference.

+ What if something doesn’t work on the platform?

Our entire conference is supported by technicians who can immediately come to our aid should something go awry.

Simply click on the Live Support icon and share your technical problem or challenge in the submission box

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