Poster Presenter Guidelines

+ In Advance of Conference

Prepare your poster! A poster is a one-page, visual representation (using text, graphics, photographs, data samples, etc.) of your research/work that engages the viewer.
  • There are numerous programs with which posters can be created, but PowerPoint is probably the most common choice. Free PowerPoint templates for posters are available online. Simply search for “free PowerPoint research poster templates” or something similar.
  • The most important thing is to make your information visually appealing without overwhelming the reader. This typically means keeping text to a minimum and letting graphics do the talking.
  • Sections of your poster might include: title, introduction/objectives/aims/problem/goal, methods, results, conclusion, references, acknowledgements, contact information.
  • There are many examples of good posters on the internet; search for “examples of poster presentation for conference”.
  • Once finalized, save your poster as a PDF and upload it to the conference platform no later than Wednesday, 4 November. Keep in mind that attendees will gain access to the platform on Monday, 2 November, so the earlier you upload your poster, the more exposure it will get.
  • The PDF should be no larger than 10 MB and should not be password protected.

Check the equipment and software that you will be using to connect to the conference.
  • The virtual platform (OnAIR/EventsAIR) is best utilized with Chrome. Other browsers do not support all features. Be sure to download Chrome and be prepared to launch OnAIR in Chrome.
  • Internet Connection. Use a hard-wired connection to the Internet if possible. Wi-Fi connections can be unstable. Turn off your VPN if you use one. It is not recommended!
  • Microphones and Speakers. We recommend that all presenters use headsets.
  • Camera
    • Check the built-in camera on your desktop or laptop or use an external camera
    • Camera should be at or a little above your eye-level
  • Space. Set up the space in your home/office.
    • Do not have lamps or windows at your back.
    • Make sure you have a comfortable chair!
    • Clothing is business casual, consider your attire for the presentation. Check to see how colors transfer on camera; not all reds are equal. Avoid narrow stripes!

Watch this brief video to learn more about presenting your poster in the conference platform:

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+ Upload Your ePoster

You have received a message from EventsAIR on behalf of ILA Global 2020 with a personalized link to the conference’s virtual platform. Please note this is a personalized link and not to be shared. Be sure to bookmark the site for easy accessibility.

If you do not find that email in your inbox, check your junk/spam/clutter boxes. If you do not find the message, contact us at

To upload the ePoster, enter the virtual platform and:
  1. Select Poster Gallery (on the right side of the page).

  2. Scroll through the gallery to find your poster or use the Filter or Advanced Search feature.

  3. Open your poster by hovering over your square and select View Presentation.

  4. Here you can upload the PDF of your poster. Click on the Upload section to expand it.

  5. Click on Add.

Then click on Browse to access your computer files and find and select the PDF of your poster.

★You may upload one document. No additional documents or video links are allowed.  You are able to remove and replace your poster should you need to prior to Thursday, 5 November. After this time no further changes can be made.

★We recommend that your PDF is no larger than 10MB and not password protected.
When uploaded, the buttons will change and the filename will be displayed:

A copy of the poster will also appear in the Handouts section, which allows attendees to download a copy.

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+ Conduct a Practice Session

Once uploaded, you can rehearse by selecting Start Practice Presentation. Please do this by Wednesday, 4 November so that we have ample time to address any technical issues that may arise.

It’s especially important that you are able to share your screen properly, so you can display your poster during your session. To test, click on the Share Screen button.

Once you select the window or application to share, it will appear below your video feed.

If you encounter any technical issues prior to Thursday, 5 November, email us at

Live technical support will be available starting on Thursday, 5 November via the Live Support link at the top of the platform page.

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+ Present Your ePoster

15 minutes prior to your assigned Poster Session start time, go to your poster in the Poster Gallery (click on “View Presentation” as outlined above).

Click on Start Practice Presentation to double-check your video, audio, and screen sharing.

When the session begins, you will see a Start Presentation button.

When the session is live, presenters that are participating in that session will have a red dot next to their name in the Poster Gallery.  Attendees will select Join Queue at which time you will be able to view who is in your queue.

You can either Accept individual attendees or Accept All at any time during the 30 minute session. A maximum of 50 attendees can attend at any one time.

You will be able to hear but not see attendees. You will see their names and photo (if they’ve uploaded one to their profile). Attendees will be able to hear and see you and your screen, if you are sharing.

You do not need to prepare a formal presentation. Poster Sessions are times when presenters are available to discuss and answer questions about their poster, work, research, program, etc.

Multiple presenters can participate during a Poster Session. Only one presenter can share at a time. Once one stops, the other can start. All presenters will be seen and heard by attendees.

★When done with your session, either go back to the Timeline or sign out of the platform (click on your profile in the upper right corner) to ensure that you no longer appear as if you are presenting. If you just close your browser from the Poster Gallery, the red dot by your name will still display to attendees.

Watch a short demonstration video about presenting a poster in the conference platform here.

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+ Poster Gallery Features

Discussion Forum
Visitors to your poster can add questions or comments throughout the duration of the conference (not just during your live session) in the Discussion Forum and you can respond. Be sure to check in at your poster regularly to see if any new questions or comments have been added to the discussion.

Live Q&A
Attendees can post questions in the Live Q&A. As presenter you are able to moderate the questions throughout the session and either answer these verbally or by written response.

Live Polling
You are able to pre-populate questions and answers to create live polls. Click on Questions in the Poll section to add a poll.

To start the Poll, select Start. You are able to share results with the attendees and end a poll question.

Polls can be active during the entire conference, not just during your assigned Poster Session.
You can create multiple polls, and they can be active at the same time.

Meeting Hub
Attendees will be able to connect with you in the Meeting Hub where you can exchange contact details, arrange a meeting, chat, or video call.

Session Notes

Attendees can type session notes within the session which they can save and forward by email at any stage of the conference.

Technical Support

For any technical queries there will be a live support team ready to assist beginning on Thursday, 5 November. Please select Live Support located at the top right of the screen to send a support ticket.

If you need assistance prior to Thursday, 5 November, email ILA at

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