We invite you to join us in San Francisco, on the edge, as we explore leadership, the ways that we lead, and what we expect from leaders and followers. Download the Call for Proposals, then submit your proposal via the online system. The deadline to submit is February 1, 2020.

Leading at the Edge

Human beings have created so much that is wondrous, powerful, and beautiful. Over the centuries we have learned to fly, communicate instantly across huge distances, heal diseases, and see across the universe. Yet vestiges and legacies of tribalism, fear, and hostility remain and repeatedly flare, threatening to engulf us. We exist on the edge of innovation and destruction, the edge of what we dread versus what we dream.

Edges of natural systems and societies naturally stimulate growth and inventiveness as their inhabitants navigate their way through the borderlands. It is fitting that Leading at the Edge, ILA’s 2020 annual global conference, will take place in San Francisco, a city of possibility where a continent meets an ocean. San Francisco is known for attracting people engaged in exploring the edges in the arts, sciences, and business, as well as in themselves. Here, local groups are experimenting with different pathways to racial and socio-economic healing and new directions in neuroscience, biomedicine, AI, and telehealth – just to name a few.

We invite you to join us in San Francisco, on the edge, as we explore leadership, the ways that we lead, and what we expect from leaders. Leadership can seem, at times, like an empty word. Leaders can accumulate power, aggrandize themselves, and make others suffer as they advance their own interests over those of others. Leaders can also inspire people to act individually and collectively in ways that are kind and that nourish one another and our planet. As leaders and as colleagues committed to leadership scholarship, development, education, and practice, we can influence how leaders move us toward (or away from) a healthy planet and a better world.  

Come share your forward-thinking, innovative research and projects! We invite you to bring your experience and knowledge as we ask:

  • HOW CAN WE SUPPORT leadership for the greater good in business, government, NGOs, and education throughout the globe?
  • HOW CAN WE CHANGE the conversation on wicked problems like climate change? 
  • HOW CAN WE SHIFT public discourse towards listening and respect for each other and all living beings on our planet — towards championing the rich variety of animals and plants, rather than extinguishing them, and upholding the human rights of all people?
  • HOW CAN WE CONTRIBUTE to the creation and success of regenerative businesses and cultures where we support life, commerce, community, and growth for the next seven generations?  
  • HOW CAN OUR COLLABORATION in the trusted space of the ILA generate actions, research, and teaching that encourage leaders to create dynamic civil societies and communities with heart and consciousness?
  • HOW CAN WE CREATE healthy environments in our professional and personal lives that give people confidence and the will to contribute? 

ILA 2020 will nourish those who lead, consult, teach, study, and conduct research with exciting ideas, innovative projects, and good friends — both old and new.

As you consider submitting, please keep in mind the conference submissions streams: Leading at the Edge; Arts & Leadership; Business Leadership; Ethics & Leadership; Followership; Healthcare Leadership; Indigenous and First Nations Leadership; Leadership Development; Leadership Education; Leadership Scholarship; Peace Leadership; Philosophy, Religion & Worldviews; Public Leadership; Sustainability Leadership; Women & Leadership; Youth Leadership; and Other.

Learn more about the specialties within each stream and the stream convener(s) in the complete Call for Proposals then Submit Your Proposal online by the deadline of February 1, 2020. 

Download the Call for Proposals

The ILA's Annual Conference is one of the largest international events for successful business executives and public leaders, thought-provoking authors and researchers, experienced educators and practitioners, game-changing coaches, and organizational development professionals - all gathering together to explore leadership, the ways that we lead, and what we expect from leaders and followers.

Submit Your Proposal Online

The deadline to submit your proposal via our online system is 1 February 2020.  If you have questions regarding the submission process, please email Global2020CFP@ila-net.org or call +1 (202) 470-4818 and press the number zero.

Call to Action

  1. Plan now to attend ILA 2020! November 5-8, 2020 (Thursday - Sunday).
  2. Create your proposal: either address the theme and its underlying questions or whatever you sense is important for leaders today. Download the Complete Call for Proposals.
  3. Reach out to colleagues to create a powerful session about your projects and/or research.
  4. Make the most of the formats available such as poster sessions, roundtables, individual presentations, panels, symposia, and workshops. Detailed descriptions are available in the Call for Proposals.
  5. Submit Your Proposal via the online system! The deadline is February 1, 2020.
  6. Plan your trip to allow time to experience the area! Day trips are possible to the beautiful Northern California wine country, the dramatic coast drive from San Francisco south, the intriguing places where the Gold Rush took place, and the glorious vistas of Yosemite and the Sierra. 

Thank You for Sponsoring!

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Conference Chair

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler

Founder, Coherent Change; Author, Inner Peace – Global Impact; Leading With Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity; and Creative Social Change: Leadership for a Healthy World; Professor Emeritus, Organization Development, Alliant International University

Program Session Chair

Tom Sechrest

Director, Master of Science in Leadership & Change Program; Director, Doctorate of Education of Leadership in Higher Education Program; and Associate Professor of Human Development & Leadership, St. Edwards University 

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For questions about the CFP, email Global2020CFP@ila-net.org

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